Is Your Acceptable Range More Accepting

A big part of being fully realized, creatively, is recognizing the value of fresh ideas when you see them.

This book has systematically been helping you open your acceptable range of thought to give you a broader playing field upon which to operate.

The early chapters of the book were written to help you better understand creativity, as we addressed many of the fundamental elements of this wonderful stuff: the value of not knowing so you can wonder more, the role of problem solving, the character of change, and the distinction between creativity and talent.

The section on creative thinking tools—the Do-It-Yourself Lobot-omy instruments—gave you the thinking skills to help you continually find new ideas that will expand your acceptable range.

The discourse on accidental genius demonstrated the benefits of open-mindedness, the need for a broader acceptable range even when you're not looking for a new idea.

Chapter 16 has asked you to "stop making sense" and demonstrated how a narrow acceptable range can be expanded. It so frequently takes perseverance and courage to proceed with new ideas.

Chapter 18, "Mind Farming," is designed to help managers (or others who consciously manage their own skill sets) to cultivate thinking traits that lead to expanding the acceptable range of ideas.

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