Is It the Tool or the Worker

If you're having an impossible time coming up with a fresh idea using this or that tool, or even if you're coming up dry using all of the tools, ask yourself, "Is it the tools, or is it me?"

Think about it. The whole reason I developed these tools is because people become attached to old ideas, so they often need strong levers to pry their minds off that old stuck place.

I have worked with companies where some people walked into the room saying, "There's no way to do this better." The stuck person goes through the motions and participates in the brainstorming session, seemingly involved just like everyone else. But if in the end this naysayer doesn't come up with any new ideas, is it because the tools didn't work or because this person simply wasn't open to the new ideas that presented themselves during the thinking process? A more open, less detached coworker gives it a shot and is very successful. You tell me, is it the tool or the worker?

Fortunately, you are not that kind of person. How do I know this? Because you're reading this book.

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