How to Use 100 MPH Thinking

Here's how to use 100 MPH Thinking in a group session (or 300 MPH

Thinking if you're really looking for a thrill):

Step 1. Break down the number of people you have into teams of three to five players, max.

Step 2. Set a time limit and an ambitious number of ideas. Anywhere from 30 ideas per team in 10 minutes to 100 ideas per team in an hour.

Step 3. Write down all ideas (those little yellow stickies are perfect) and say each idea out loud to your team.

Step 100. When you reach your goal, have every team member select her or his top two or three ideas, compare notes with other teams, then debate or arm-wrestle until you have the idea you're looking for. (For a slightly more civilized method of distilling and finding agreement, see page 213 in Chapter 19, "Storming the Brain.")

Cheat Notes for Chapter 7: 100 MPH Thinking

100 MPH Thinking combines two fundamental principles of creative thinking: quantity and speed.

When exploring new ideas, aim for quantity; the quality will emerge. Aiming for quality alone is very difficult.

When you come up with 10, 20, or 50 ideas, you're allowed to fail 9, 19, or 49 times, yet still succeed.

Speed gives you momentum of thought, silences the judge, and circumvents fear.


But mostly, speed gets you to the large number of ideas quicker.

Get over the desire for perfection; it can't be achieved.

• •

The secret of 100 MPH Thinking is to not think too hard; just generate ideas.


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