How to Get Over Your Fffear of Fffailure

There is probably nothing that holds people back from coming up with ideas more than, well (and I look over both shoulders as I say this), you know. . . fear.

Well, would it comfort you to know that fear is actually a good sign when pursuing things creative? It really comes down to fear of the unknown, because we're not sure this idea is good, that it will work, that others will like it. Well, if we were sure of those things, that would mean the idea has been done before, which may alleviate our fear, but it's also confirmation that the idea is not particularly creative.

Fear is part of the creative process. As is the great unknown. It's the place where true exploration and subsequent advancement take place.

"Yes, son, I was the one who thought of the big idea that led to that new division."

Timeline of a lousy idea (continued)

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