How to Develop Curiosity

The creative thinking power tool that can be used to stimulate the same kind of curiosity that natural dreamers seem to possess in such great quantity is what I call Ask a Better Question.

Simply by stating your problem or objective in the form of a question, you start the mental wheels turning, thus priming the imagination. Human beings are quite curious by nature. Whereas fully developed dreamers seem to be curious about almost everything and are never satisfied with things even if they seem to work quite well, the rest of us can prompt that inquisitive mind quite simply by asking a question. And the better the question, the more we stimulate our natural curiosity.

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Let's say an airline company challenges its ground service and flight crews by asking them to find ways to improve on-time departure by 10 percent. That question will stimulate many new ideas in people, as they examine the departure procedures, determine what causes delays, and apply some good old-fashioned ingenuity to solve the problem. And if they do a good job, they just might reach their 10 percent improvement goal.

But let's also say that the airline's competitor has asked its people, "How can we improve our departure record by 50 percent?" Just by asking a better question, the second airline has triggered more curiosity. Employees in the second company will probably consider some of the same improvement measures as those in the first airline, but they will also strive well beyond the first team — not just looking for marginal improvement but for paradigm-shifting changes — simply by asking what some engineers i once worked with call a "stretch question."

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