How This Book Works

This book is like the side of the brain you're trying to develop:

random, chaotic, unp redictable, open to anything.

(Or skip this chapter and prove my point.)

I'd like to explain how this book is organized, or unorganized, as the case may be. But first let's talk about why it's organized(?) the way it is.

I believe there is a fair amount of method to coming up with original ideas on demand. That is the heart and soul of this book, right?

But I'll also admit ideas can come and do come without any procedure or inducement. In fact, that is how the creative process works on a great many days. The good days. The easy days. And on those days we can thank the gods of creativity for their generosity. But in business, of course, we don't often have the luxury to wait for that divine inspiration.

Over the years, I've found that the best kind of thinking for generating original thought is quite irregular, haphazard, nonlinear, and often illogical.

To that end, those are the kinds of thought processes that the thinking tools I've developed will bring out.

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