How the Mind Works Kind Of

Each of these stars represents a bit of data. Each of us lives in our own galaxy of thought, where our mind resides almost all of the time because our thoughts default to the known. My own galaxy includes thoughts of family, my environment, my favorite sports teams, and so on.

Where New Ideas Are Found

New ideas don't reside in our known. Solutions to problems that are unsolved at the present are not part of our home galaxy of thought. Einstein said, "You cannot solve a problem using what got you there." Staying in the known, which is our natural state of mind, prevents us from exploring other possibilities.

How New Ideas Are Found

The Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy will help you let go of what you know, even if for just a nanosecond, to help your mind wander. Because when you know, you know — end of story. But when you don't know, you wonder — and your mind wanders — and that's when wonderful things happen.

Sadly, for most of us, the vast ma.j°rity °f the data we process is 95% of what you think today, old data. Old, stale thoughts we you thought yesterday.

and others have had many, many times before.

Actually, thinking in the known is our best friend most of the time, but it's our worst enemy Deepak Chopra when it's time to come up with new ideas. New ideas don't happen in the known. They happen in the unknown, the maybe, the what-if.

This book will help you disengage your imagination from your rational mind to free you up for greater creative thought. To let go of what you know, perhaps for only a nanosecond. To release your mind to entertain a new idea. To wonder.

You can look at it sort of as a lobotomy of the Do-It-Yourself variety. The process is painless and easy. All it requires is a little open-mindedness, so to speak.

The Might Of The Brave

The Might Of The Brave

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