How the DoItYourself Lobotomy Will Help

The Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy will help you let go of your preconceptions, enabling you to have fresh ideas whenever you need or want them.

• First we help you better understand creativity, because you can't master something you don't truly understand. We cover some of the fundamental concepts about creativeness that are sorely misunderstood:

Creativity = problem solving. We can either let problems be barriers or use them as springboards to be at our creative best when solving problems (see page 49).

Change. At best, most people go with the flow of change; at worst, they resist it. The high achievers effect change. You certainly can't avoid change, at least on this planet, today or ever (see page 57).

Creativity versus talent. These are very different notions. Not everyone is talented artistically. But everyone has the ability to have new ideas (see pag 62).

• Next we help you isolate the basic creative thinking tools, the methods and techniques used by the greatest thinkers since the beg inning of time.

Ask a Better Question™ (see page 75) 100 MPH Thinking™ (see page 90) 180° Thinking™ (see page 99) Intergalactic Thinking™ (see page 107)

• Finally, we help you gain deeper perspectives on other aspects of creativity to help you apply your new lessons to your job and life, to help you produce big ideas to fuel your success and that of your company.

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