He Doth Protest Too Much

Even in a world where creativity is supposedly revered, it's fairly well known that Berry Gordy, head of Motown, had a hard time embracing Marvin Gaye's landmark What's Goin'On? album in 1971.

I can hear the less than harmonious voice of management crying, "But protest songs are for folkies from Greenwich Village."

Gaye's masterpiece, featuring songs such as "Mercy Mercy Me (the Ecology)," "Save the Children," and "Inner City Blues," went on to sell millions and is considered one of the top records of its time, one of the top records ever to come out of Motown.

Of course, all of these examples of ideas that survived in spite of much protest and lack of appreciation did indeed make it. Think of all the other brilliant ideas that did not make it because they didn't make sense.

It numbs my mind to think of all that has been lost because of lack of vision. Maybe it's a good thing that we'll never know what we're missing.

Cheat Notes for Chapter 15: Stop Making Sense

The rational mind defaults to what you know, what makes sense.

New ideas don't "make sense" (the airplane, the sewing machine, rock 'n' roll, to name a few).

• •

Don't feel bad when your boss or coworkers don't always see the wisdom of your new ideas; it just might be a sign of how original your idea truly is.

If your ideas meet with too much resistance too frequently, consider finding a place to create where you might meet less resistance.

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