Expand the Acceptable Range Even in Setting

In Chapter 16, "Redefining the Acceptable Range," I discuss how sometimes when ideating, the win is not necessarily in going with the new idea, but in merely expanding the "acceptable range." When you expand this range of acceptability, you can often act on previously unembraced ideas, ideas that were not acted on earlier because they were outside the comfort zone of some people. The same is true in selling.

Show many ideas, and show some ideas that you believe are outside of the acceptable range. Of course, you must make sure they're all on strategy, but if they're outside the acceptable range from a style standpoint or a tone standpoint, you're still playing fair. Don't put them so far over the edge that you lose credibility. However, a few permutations beyond the acceptable range is fine. This strategy often puts the other ideas, those that may otherwise have defined the risk fringe, somewhat within the acceptable range. Thus when you ask, "What do you think?" or when you give them time to reflect, they may now be willing to go with a new idea, even if it's not the far outer fringe.

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