Creativity Problem Solving

Do you like problems?

Is this a trick question?

Sure is.

When I ask this question at my seminars, sometimes a few brave souls raise their hands. They understand something of the role of problems in creative thinking. They see the value of problems. Intellectually, that is.

Of course, when people walk into any of their offices with 10 problems, these enlightened souls, too, can find themselves thinking of problems as impediments to accomplishment rather than as booster rockets for creativity.

Problems are a fundamental part of the creative thinking process. Actually, I'll go even further with that claim and state that problems are a fundamental part of accomplishment.

Most people who study creativeness agree that problem solving is essential to creative achievement. Most who truly understand creative-ness believe it's virtually impossible to be creative without a problem.

Think about it. To this point in your life you have been at your best, creatively, when you are solving problems. And that's true whether or not you understand fully the role of problems in creative accomplishment.

Look at your resume. Your achievement at every stage of your career is the result of problem solving.

Without the daily challenges of problems, what the hell is it that you do, anyway?

Yes, occasionally you have those good days when no major problems present themselves. Good days? Oh, really? Sorry, but if you have too many of those days, your company may not need you very much longer.

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