Creative Problem Causing in Action

We talk about problems causing us to stretch, and we mention that we're at our best when we are stretching. Like the athlete whose highlights film shows him stretching, your resume shows you stretching. However, the athlete has to wait for the ball to be just out of reach, or seemingly out of reach, in order to be able to stretch and make the "impossible" play, whereas you can "place the solution just out of your reach" by simply asking the right question. You can cause yourself to stretch any time you want.

Think about it. When you have a dilemma, when you have a problem to solve, what do you tend to do? You tend to look for an answer that you know. i can guarantee you'll get more creative results if you ask a better question. All you have to do is pose a question for which you don't know the answer.

A number of years ago i was working with a major dairy, looking for more effective ways to sell milk, a commodity item to be sure. I challenged the group with this question: "Assume because of some manufacturing problem or other problem your price is twice that of your competitor. Now how do you get people to buy your milk?" They were pushing their minds in 100 different directions because they didn't know the answer to that question. They hadn't experienced that kind of a problem. They had no choice but to stretch. And it all started with someone asking a better question.

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