Conviction Leads to Execution

If you want to take an idea from the conceptual stage to execution, nothing works like conviction. I'm not talking about force alone. I'm talking about a genuine belief that the idea you have is going to succeed in a very big way. When you use 100 MPH Thinking (often in concert with other of the Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy tools), you inevitably have many ideas from which to cull your shortlist. It makes presenting many ideas much easier, but more important than that, it gives you conviction.

There is a difference between feigned conviction, which I see all the time in business, and the real deal, or deal maker, as it were. When you present one idea, or even two or three ideas, to those who must buy in to bring them to fruition, they may react to your final recommendation by asking, "Is this the best idea?" It's a pretty fair bet that you'll have to say, "Yes this is the best idea," even though you can't look them straight in the eye when you say it, because you've looked at only a handful of ideas—you really don't know whether it's the best idea. There is absolutely no way you can answer with authentic conviction.

However, if you look at 100 potential solutions to their problem, present several, and make a final recommendation, then, when asked the same question, you can look them straight in the eye and answer, "Absolutely!" with firm conviction.

The fact of the matter is that you really don't know if the new idea is best. (I mentioned earlier that you never come up with your best idea.) And, with a new idea, there's never proof that it will work. (Of course, there's no guarantee an old idea will work, either.) But in the heat of an important sales pitch, it's important that you think it's your best idea, that you have unfailing and absolute conviction in your idea. And genuine conviction makes the sale almost every time.

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