What Do Great Ideas Do? 1

Introduction 3

How This Book Works 21

The Rewards of a Great Idea 28

The Consequences of a Bad Idea 32

1. The First Real Chapter (Finally!) 36


Understanding and Demystifying Creativity 47

2. Creativity = Problem Solving 49

3. Change Your Thinking about Change 57

4. Creativity versus Talent 62


Tools for the Job of Thinking Creatively 71

5. Ask a Better Question 75

6. Ask the Question Early 87

7. 100 MPH Thinking: Thinking at the Speed of Enlightenment 90

VI Contents

8. 180° Thinking: A Tnereffid Way to Ideate 99

9. Intergalactic Thinking 107

10. Collaborate with Genius 121

11. Conceptual Solitaire 128

12. How to Put These Tools to Work 132


Dimensionalizing Your New Creative Tools 139

13. Aids to Creativity 141

14. Accidental Genius 147

15. Stop Making Sense 155

16. Redefining the Acceptable Range 160

17. Selling Creative Ideas Requires Its Own Creativity 167

18. Mind Farming 186

19. Storming the Brain 206

20. The Five Greatest Barriers to Creativity 217

21. The Real Bibliography 224

22. Proceed with Passion 228

Afterword 233

Appendix 238

Acknowledgments 261

Index 263


What Do Great Ideas Do?

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