Consciousness Leads to Unconsciousness

You know what they say about an athlete when he or she just can't miss? When a basketball player can't miss a shot, they say he is unconscious. When a tennis player puts every ball in just the perfect spot, they say she is unconscious. Well, that is the endgame of all this consciousness we're trying to get you to embrace with these concepts and practices: When you really, really get it all down pat, you won't have to think about it at all.

If you feel like reading a bit more, just remember to use the tools as soon as you can. The remainder of this book is designed to help add

Timeline of a great idea (continued)

"If only I'd taken more time to think of a few more ideas."

dimension to the tools you've just learned. Like the fundamentals in Part II that preceded the tools in Part III, the final section, on dimen-sionalizing, offers much helpful information and many additional perspectives about creativeness in general and how to maximize yours.

Now, enough of the talk. Put this book down right now and go use one of your new Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy tools!

Cheat Notes for Chapter 12: How to Put These Tools to Work

Use them or lose them. As with golf lessons or piano lessons, the learning fades fast.

Repetition develops new habits. The more you repeat, the deeper the new grooves.

Refer to the Cheat Notes for a quick reference. (You can even make copies of the Cheat Notes pages and carry them as a "Creative Survival Kit.")


If a particular tool doesn't seem to be working, don't panic. Just use another tool.

If you don't use any of these tools, they will not work — guaranteed.

The more you use the tools, the sharper they'll become and the sharper you'll become.

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Golf Can Be An Easy Game

Golf Can Be An Easy Game

The material in this book may, at times, appear to be repetitious, but in discussing the golf swing from the different angles and aspects, repetition could not be avoided. However, repetition has its merits, because it eventually brings one continually face to face with the same facts and fundamentals.

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