Collaborate with Genius

The next Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy tool is a technique I call Collaborate with Genius™. This is a variation on Intergalactic Thinking, but rather than going to a galaxy of thought outside the area that you're working in, you instead go to a mind other than your own. You shouldn't collaborate with just anyone, however. Try to choose the assistance of a brilliant person. Because if you're going to collaborate with someone unbeknownst to them, why not collaborate with someone who can greatly enrich your idea pool?

How do you do this? Well, actually, you might simply say, "How would da Vinci approach this?" "How would Abraham Lincoln approach this?" "How would Bill Gates approach this?" "How would Bill Parcelles approach this?" The secret of Collaborating with Genius is to ask, "How would [name your genius] approach this?"

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