Codifying the Creative Process

As a creative thinking coach, I work with people in industry in two principal ways. I help people improve their creative thinking abilities in a general sense through corporate training and skills development sessions. I also facilitate high-output brainstorming sessions geared to specific issues, challenges, and opportunities (new product ideas, promotional ideas, naming products, etc.).

One of my most active industry sectors is advertising, a field in which creativity is so codified that companies actually have a "creative brief," a "creative department," and creative is often used as a noun to describe the advertising itself, as in, "The creative looks great!" Frankly, I understand creative thinking much better than most people do. I understand creative thinking in a way that can help you become more conscious, consistent thinkers.

Sit Down for This

Now, being unconscious about creativity hasn't made you totally ineffective. Hardly. But you could be better if you were more conscious. Let me explain with an illustration in an entirely different area.

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