Challenge Your People

One of the reasons many people in business underachieve is because they are simply not challenged. If creative thinking is the same thing as problem solving, as we discussed in Chapter 2, then people who are forced to stretch to create solutions where none can be found in the known invariably come up with some new ideas. Or at least they try. The human spirit, almost by nature, is curious. Give them a challenge and let them know their ideas will be considered, seriously considered, and you might be surprised to see how many people rise to the occasion.

There has always been a natural progression, as laborers become crafters, and crafters become thinkers and managers as their careers progress.

Today, however, we need people at all levels to have the dreamer traits of open-mindedness, the ability to change and "create" solutions to the constant flow of new problems.

I have worked with many top management teams who complain that their underlings rarely offer fresh ideas, yet those at the top often fail to see their own reluctance to accept challenges as the reason the next level contributes so little in this area.

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