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Creative Problem Solving

Why be a creative problem solver?

Leaders are creative problem causers.

the answer is. Aha, you have the primary condition for creativity— wonder.

As this diagram of the creative problem-solving cycle points out, change causes problems that trigger creative thinking. And that brings us to a place where creative things happen.

But what does creativity do? Creativity changes things, which causes problems. This triggers the cycle to go on indefinitely. The question is where are you playing in the cycle?

Change is inevitable. It's going to happen or someone's going to make it happen. We all have to play on the creative problem-solving playing field. Ifyou play on the reactive side (the left side of the diagram), where you address change by responding to the problem caused by change (usually effected by others, often competitors), you are forced to be creative, and at least you're playing. And you don't survive in business unless you're playing the creative problem-solving game.

But leaders are proactive. They cause change. They create. They don't just start with the problem caused by change; very often, they provide the initiative to create something new, to change things.

Whereas the left side of the above creative problem-solving cycle, left of the creative burst, is creative problem solving, one could argue that the right side of this playing field is creative problem causing. And most high-achieving people, in business and elsewhere, are creative problem causers—they change things. Which, of course, causes problems for the competition.

Creative Problem Causing

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