Big Lesson from Little Brother

My brother Michael was born with a hole in his head. It was his mouth.

When brother Mike, 13 months my junior, was drawing at the kitchen table as a youngster, you never had to guess what he was drawing. You could always hear what he was putting down on paper.

If Michael was drawing a farm, the rest of the family could tell from two rooms away. "Oink! Oink!" we'd all hear, or "Moooo!" or "Cluck, cluck, cluck."

If we heard "Pow!!! Boom!!! Pow!!!" or "Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang," we knew Michael was drawing a war scene.

Then there were the times we'd hear "Oink, oink, POW!" Oh no, Michael's blowing up pigs.

What was the lesson I got from this innocent (?) little exercise my younger brother did daily with his crayons? You have to let it out. You can't keep it inside you.

When you're creating, you have to risk looking or sounding a little foolish, and you have to let it out.

So often when leading brainstorming sessions or playing the "Guess my socks" game or some other in-room exercise at my training programs, I can see it in people's eyes that they're holding back. I can see the excitement of having a wild idea battling with the self-consciousness of exposing one's inner whims.

Every great thinker of every great idea has faced the moment when he or she had to make the decision to go public with their concept or to hold back. We should all be grateful that so many people have the guts to let those wonderful ideas out. Conversely, imagine how many great ideas have been lost on the tip of someone's mind, pen, paintbrush or keyboard.

Fortunately, I had my brother and his 80-decibel Crayolas to help me learn that important lesson early in life: If you don't let ideas out, no one will ever know what's on your mind.

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