Barrier 4 Attachment

Another great block to creativity is attachment. Attachment to the old, resistance to change, and reluctance to even explore what might be a better way of doing things. A big part of attachment is unconscious. People don't say, "I'm not going to come up with a new idea; I'm going to attach myself to the old." On the contrary. They don't even consider that there might be a better way of doing things.

Of course, all of this is interrelated. In my work with companies, I often find greater attachment the deeper I go into the organization. You might ask why leaders emerge as leaders. Is it because they're not attached and they have new ideas? In most cases, I believe this is so.

Those who are deep in the organization, under many layers of management, may not always be the people we're looking to for ideas and the vision to take a company forward, but their attachment to the old can be a barrier. I have seen organization after organization in which the leadership has new ideas and tries to implement them, but runs into the roadblock of attachment when the rank and file are not receptive. At the same time, please know that attachment is not the exclusive domain of the rank and file; many leaders are horribly attached.

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