Airplane Delays

We all know what the Wright brothers did at Kitty Hawk. It amazes me to this day that a big bucket of bolts can fly. Well, they did it. The Wright brothers put it all together. Yes, they did it with the help of da Vinci and dozens of other pioneers in the physical sciences (see Chapter 10, "Collaborate with Genius").

Did the world beat a path to their cockpit door? sorry. "You mean there weren't hundreds of visionary captains of industry who saw the amazing potential of human flight?" you ask. Well, no.

"Come on," you insist. "There had to have been at least a few open-minded American businesspeople who saw the potential for moving goods and passengers through the air from city to city, continent to continent, theme park to theme park."

The Wright brothers, having found no buyers for their high-flying idea stateside, had to go all the way to France to find a buyer for their irrational new concept. It just didn't make sense to the people of their time. "Flying like a bird?" This concept was too outrageous to penetrate the inertia of conventional thought that occupied the minds of all those who were approached with the opportunity to buy into this revolutionary idea early on.

Idea? Heck, the airplane wasn't just an idea. It was an industry. A way of life. A precedent-setting world shrinker.

But it just didn't make sense.

So, I guess you don't have to feel so bad when your boss or coworkers don't always see the wisdom of your new ideas. Don't worry—it just might be a sign of how radical your idea truly is. (Hey, you wouldn't be planning any trips to France in the near future, would you?)

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