First I'd like to thank Pat Briden, my business manager and herder of the many cats that can be me. Pat's role in the development and writing of this book was absolutely invaluable. She provided the first wave of editorial comment at almost every stage, performed research, chased down the permissions, created the index, and did most of the many technical illustrations.

I'd also like to thank all the people and companies whose stories and creative output helped me articulate and illustrate so many of the points that needed to be made in this book.

Let me also thank my agent Michael Cohn, Andrew Jaffe at Adweek Books, and executive editor Airie Dekidjiev at John Wiley & Sons for seeing the value of this book long before it took final form. Plus all the other people at John Wiley & Sons and North Market Street Graphics who contributed to bringing this book to life, especially Chris Furry.

Dan Madole gets my sincere thanks for his design of this book's dust jacket, as do my friends at Magical Monkey for their early cover design work. Thanks also to Mary Sward for providing editorial guidance in my very early writings that provided the foundation for some of this book.

Thanks, too, to all the companies and professional organizations who have hired Before & After, Inc.™ over the years and all the individuals who participated in the many workshops and brainstorming sessions I've conducted, plus all the individuals who have attended my creative camps. All of these people and organizations have helped me better understand creativity as they have allowed me to help them explore this wonderful stuff and put it to work for them.

Additionally, I'd like to thank the people who have had the greatest impact on my creative and professional trajectory: my parents, Tom and Pearl Monahan, and other family members, the Beatles, Jimi Hen-drix and all the creative influences from my youth, Ernie Schenck, my rock bandmate and advertising colleague for many years, my early employers who first gave me a shot at applying my professional creative energy, plus my partners and the many employees at Leonard/Monahan and all of our clients who provided great encouragement and inspiration with their shared belief in the power of great ideas. Of this last group I'd like to single out Bruce Leonard, my most valued mentor, who taught me more about business than anyone else, and whose vision, creativeness, and belief in my ideas and capabilities inspired me and has given me the courage to make many of the most significant professional leaps I've made in my career.

Finally, a special thank you to my wonderful wife, Audrey, and tremendous daughter, Hillary, for sharing with me the most important creative exploration of all, life.

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