Abusing Talent

On the other side of the coin, this clarification should also raise a caution to people who use their immense artistic talents in tandem with mediocre or even lousy ideas. Just because it looks good, sounds good, or tastes good doesn't mean it's creative.

In advertising, I see so many wonderfully produced commercials and other advertisements that are well crafted and finely executed, but are they built around a great idea? Too often the answer is no. Advertising is an idea business. Craft doesn't change consumer perceptions the way a new idea does. It's the same in almost all industries: the nice-looking teapot that dribbles all over your linen tablecloth or the flawlessly executed financial service that offers customers absolutely no advantages over the competitor's product.

The confusion between creativity and talent works both ways. Once you understand the difference, you stand a better chance of not letting either misconception hold you back.

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