Piece of Their Minds

This thinking tool is very easy to use. Simply choose a high-achieving individual and think.

Consult a ffootball genius. "Okay, Bill Parcells often worked on the little things that made the big things better. How can I work on the little things to make the big things better?" Consult an inventor. "Thomas Edison performed thousands of experiments with a filament before he got the filament that made for a better lightbulb. I could look at thousands of ways of doing this." Or you might be inspired by the fact that Edison napped j The Lobotomy Files

May the Force Be with You

The Creative ForceField Analysis helps tear down every single barrier to creativity. It helps you better understand your culture and passions. It helped our company create and perpetuate a culture of creativity to make our thinking more inspired. The end product for our clients and ourselves is simply better thinking.

Roy Spence President, GSD&M Lobotomized 1998

For more on the Creative ForceField see page 251.

many times a day; he had a bed in his laboratory because he felt that he always thought better when he was either falling asleep, waking up, or refreshed. You could use one of his habits. Collaborating with genius takes lots of forms.

You can be inspired by how someone else did things, or you can simply take one of the things they've done and use it as an Intergalactic data point. It really doesn't matter. What matters is that you get out of your own mind, because your own mind is the center of your universe, your known galaxy. Your own mind is where you keep crunching the same data all the time, not particularly fresh territory.

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