Head Talks About Staying Fresh

In an article in Time Out New York in May 2001, David Byrne, former Talking Heads front man and all-around creative genius, discussed the challenges of staying fresh in an area where you have deep experience and familiarity. "You cannot unlearn what you know and go back to square one, so I try to put myself in a situation where I'm off balance. Then I have to struggle and scrape a bit rather than fall back on what I already know."

It's not just a matter of going beyond what we know without effort or thought. If it were only that easy, we'd all do it.

The part that takes no effort is the part you already do too well: rational thought, staying in the known.

Don't think you've been doing it wrong all these years. ,

If we want to solve a problem that we This is the way the brain have never solved before, we must works. Known data is the leave the door to the unknown ajar.

raw material for rational thought. But you need to go beyond rational thought to be a consistently creative Richard P. Feynman thinker. 20th-century U.S. physicist

The following chapters are an armchair version of the acclaimed creativity workshop that my associates and I conduct for thousands of people in hundreds of companies in scores of industries annually. The workshop is called The Do-It-Yourself Lobot-omy. It's a proven method based on a few basic insights and the use of a few simple creative thinking power tools. We've used this method to help airlines find new and better ways to make their passengers more comfortable. We've used it to help a major computer company perform better phone support. We've used it with dozens of advertising agencies to help them create better advertisements and find new businessbuilding ideas quicker. We've helped the world's largest snack maker explore new tasty treats. We've used it to help one of the world's largest computer textbook companies bring better learning to children.

The Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy works. Heck, you've been doing it for years. On your best days, that is.

Don't tell me you've been unconscious about it.

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