Willpower is the crucial point of the training, since it is the force which will allow neurasthenic patients to regain the faculties which their illness has caused them to lose.

The first thing we notice is that a kind of intrinsic willpower exists as a force in all individuals, whether normal or neurasthenic, and even in persons suffering from abulia. Therefore, it is not actually willpower that these people lack, but the ability and knowledge to use it correctly.

We will first define what willpower is, and to do so we will base our definition on what happens in the brain when willpower is brought into play.

Here's what we observed: as soon as a person wants to want or decides to want, energy is released in the brain, and cerebral vibrations double or triple in intensity, depending on the force of the person's willpower. In graph form, willpower looks like this:

The increase in vibrations may last for some time or not, depending on the individual's state of mind, but it is always apparent when

Willpower willpower is brought into play.

With this constant in mind, we can define willpower as a separate force, a special energy existing in each individual, independent of any thought or idea, which manifests itself under certain conditions which we will specify in a moment. This force exists in every individual, and remains intact as long as that individual exists. Used in a normal way, it increases during intense periods of cerebral or physical activity, and diminishes during periods of inactivity. However, like all forces, it has its limits, and also needs periods of rest.

Therefore, this force is latent: it does not manifest itself as an increase in vibration unless a person wants to want something, and this process of activating the faculty of willpower is what we call...

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