Treatment summary

In this chapter we will present readers with a general view of the way in which we treat patients. We will try to make our description as concise as possible.

Case histories must be carefully studied, of course, even though this may be time consuming, since it helps physicians determine special areas of treatment, for example by finding various clich├ęs, and by classifying patients into one of the two following categories:

1. Predominantly psychological cases.

2. Predominantly organic cases.

In the first group, symptoms affect only the brain, and re-education of control can be started immediately.

The second group includes patients who attribute their illness to some organic disorder of the heart, stomach, intestines, and so on.

Before beginning the training, a minute examination of the organ in question must be carried out, and if there is any kind of lesion, or even the slightest indication that medication or some special diet is required, it is preferable to postpone the training until these have been taken care of.

Ultimately, we ask patients to rely only on themselves, and not on some medication, so it would be futile to administer two diametrically opposed types of therapy at the same time.

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