Find someone to assist you, and ask them to place an object in your right hand, while you keep your eyes closed. Keep them closed throughout the exercise, in order to concentrate on your sense of touch.

Perceive the whole range of sensations you experience through touching: first, hot or cold, hard or soft, moist or dry; then the texture of the material - smooth, rough, soft, etc. Don't try to attach words to what you feel. Don't try to determine what the object is.

- Next, do the same exercise using your left hand.

- Become aware of everything you touch and everything that touches you while sitting on your couch: all the points of contact between your body and the chair, the texture of the materials touching you, all the objects (jewelry, glasses etc.) or articles of clothing that you're wearing.

- Next, become aware of your own body. Concentrate on perceiv ing your body from head to foot. Feel the vibrations, the pulsing in each part of your body, radiating from the surface of your skin.

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