Sensation of fatigue

Neurasthenic fatigue is the first result of the lack of cerebral control. This is because the mind is constantly active, with no rest or respite. It is also symptomatic for cerebral activity to be more intense in the morning than at night, when hyperactive thinking is replaced by the sensation of being overexcited, which is less severe. This does not mean that the brain is less tired, but it does indicate at least some degree of control.

Proof that the sensation of fatigue is caused by a lack of cerebral control lies in the fact that the fatigue always disappears during periods of normal control.

Fatigue is sometimes the condition's predominant symptom; in such cases, patients refuse to partake in any kind of activity, including making any mental effort; they only want to rest, not because resting makes them less tired, but because they feel less guilty about their inactivity while in a state of semi-consciousness. These people make ideal customers for institutions offering "rest cures" and will register for sessions over and over again, without finding any lasting solution.

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