Physiological organic symptoms resulting from insufficient control

Aside from the psychological symptoms we have described above, patients can develop a whole range of physiological symptoms, which are the direct result of the lack of cerebral control. It could be said that the affected organ often mirrors the state of the brain so well that it develops its own phobias, anxieties and abulia.

We will not attempt to describe all possible symptoms which can affect the various organs, since they are not uniquely caused by non-control, but can also be the result of a malfunction of the organ itself.

This malfunction of a given organ originates in the nervous system, which is directly affected by all abnormalities in cerebral control.

The vascular system, it seems, is the one which exhibits the most typical reactions: vaso-motor nerves cause the system to become anemic or congested, and to either increase or diminish secretions in accordance with the slightest psychological imbalance.

All systems can be affected: however, the digestive and genitourinary system (in men especially) are most frequently influenced.

The sense organs exhibit certain peculiarities which merit our attention here.

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