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Partial insomnia is characterized by a kind of light somnolence which unfortunately does not give patients the feeling that have slept well.

In such cases, we advise patients to wake up completely, even a few times a night if necessary, and then to try and fall into true, deep sleep by practicing the exercises we will describe a little later on.

Another form of partial insomnia is when patients sleep deeply for one or more hours, but then wake up suddenly for no reason, and remain awake for a certain time. This is almost always due to a cliché, which must first be discovered, after which patients can concentrate before falling asleep in order to mentally set a more reasonable waking hour. When patients succeed in doing this, their insomnia is all but cured.

Hypersensitive hearing or phobias about noise interrupt sleep, but patients usually fall back to sleep as soon as the noise stops. In some cases, however, the phobia is strong enough to prevent patients from sleeping at all - they are so anxious about being awakened they can't get to sleep in the first place.

The most radical treatment for this consists of desensitizing patients to noise. There is another method: patients are instructed to concentrate on the source of noise as soon as they wake up. Such voluntary concentration will eventually cause the phobia to disappear.

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Healthy Sleep

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