Influence of insufficient control on the organs

We said earlier that cerebral control dominates an individual's psychology, and also his or her physiology.

This statement is supported by the fact that neurasthenics suffer from all kinds of organic problems, which demonstrates that the superior (or cerebral) functions directly influence so-called psychosomatic pathologies.

It is quite natural to accept the fact that organic and cerebral equilibrium are united, or that they are at least interdependent.

It is also certain that a mechanism exists which controls the organs, assuring their regular function, just as a mechanism of cerebral control exists, and that both are subject to the same laws, governed by the same causes, and produce the same effects in their respective areas.

Therefore, any defect in cerebral control will have repercussions on the organic level; at times, the organic symptom will even replace the psychological symptom as the primary indication of illness, and the psychological symptoms will become of secondary importance, or even go completely unnoticed.

An insufficiency can therefore affect a particular organ like the stomach or intestines for example (nervous dyspepsia, enteritis, etc.) or an entire system (vascular, nervous, muscular, etc.).

In almost all cases, the vascular and nervous systems are affected to some degree: every psychasthenic patient suffers from vasculo-motor problems and some pain.

The sense organs are also affected; troubles with hearing and vision are frequent.

And the genital organs often exhibit tenacious symptoms as well.

As soon as an organ is affected and modified by insufficient control, the purely psychological symptoms seem to diminish, and patients tend to transfer the cause of their problem to the organ in question. In reality, easing of the psychological symptoms is illusory, since they are only being hidden by the more obvious organic symptoms -they will reappear with equal intensity as soon as there is any improvement on the organic level.

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