How to modify an abnormal vibration

If we accept the fact that abnormal vibrations, which correspond to particular states of cerebral non-control, exist, then we can conclude that any insufficiency modifies brain function. When treating neurasthenia, we will have to take this new element into account, since it guides us towards the development of an effective training program: the re-education of cerebral control cannot be considered complete until the abnormal brain function has been replaced, and abnormal vibrations are replaced by normal vibrations.

The first question we have to ask then is how can we change the vibrations?

To do this we first have to discover what causes them. We already know the answer - they are caused either by an instability, or an insufficiency of cerebral control. But these very general causes do not give us enough of an indication upon which to base a training or reeducation program. Therefore, there are other factors which we must consider carefully, and which can provide us with keys to the puzzle.

When examining a patient's skull, it very often happens that we feel a change in the abnormal vibration; it resumes a regular rhythm, and resembles vibrations characteristic of cerebral control.

What causes this sudden change in abnormal vibration? Here are the three main reasons:

1. If the case is one of simple instability, it is enough for the patient to become more aware of what s/he is doing and thinking.

2. When there is some degree of insufficiency, awareness alone is not enough; the patient must be able to concentrate on what s/he is thinking or doing.

3. The third factor, and the most important, can replace the previous two: it involves bringing willpower into play. The patient must make the thought or act voluntary, in other words the thought or act is subject to his/her will.

Therefore, normal cerebral control depends on these three factors - awareness, concentration and willpower - being present.

Patients have to be sufficiently conscious, concentrated, and able to exercise willpower, in order to modify an abnormal vibration.

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