Exercise No

Concentrating on the number 1: this exercise often presents real difficulties, and we have seen many patients take weeks before being able to do it correctly, although at first it seems quite simple.

The exercise consists of writing and mentally saying the number

1, three times in succession, without allowing any other thoughts to interfere. In addition, between each written and mental repetition, there should be a pause of between half a second and a second. For example:

1 pause 1 pause 1 pause

It is not necessary to maintain a mental image of the number 1 during each pause.

In this way, patients have to concentrate on sight, words, and mental hearing (since the word is heard in the mind as it is spoken in the mind) as well as on the act of writing, which also occupies the brain.

As soon as a patient is able to do the exercise correctly, increase the number of repetitions to 4, 5, 6, 7 etc. A patient who can do seven successive repetitions is able to concentrate sufficiently.

Let's look at what happens in the brain, functionally speaking. To start with, it must make an effort of will to suspend all other cerebral activity, then it performs the voluntary act of writing the number 1, speaks it mentally, and listens to it mentally at the same time.

Then everything stops for a second, after which the process is repeated. The patient must therefore concentrate a number of times in a row. It should be noted that without the pause the exercise becomes much easier, but at the same time loses much of its value.

The exercise forces patients to be fully in control of their brain; that is why it is so difficult.

The presence of a controlling physician is indispensable at the outset, since patients are hardly aware of the errors they make.

A curve representing good concentration would look like this:

1 pause 1 pause 1 pause

1 pause 1 pause 1 pause

Each 1 produces a clear impulse, followed by a period of relaxation.

When incorrectly done, the following curve is produced: 1 pause 1 pause 1 pause

0 0

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