Control of movement and perceptions

Dr. Vittoz recommended doing exercises on movement control throughout the course of a normal day. For example:

- Instead of thinking about something else while brushing your teeth, feel the effect of the bristles as they brush over your gums and teeth.

- When you take a shower, concentrate on the water pouring down, on its temperature, how the droplets feel as they hit your skin, the sensation of soap sliding over your body. and so on.

- When you open a door, feel the cold metal of the doorknob, the resistance of the spring or hinges, the way the lock clicks open and shut, the way the handle turns the lock, and so on.

- When you shake someone's hand, feel the contact - is the grasp firm or gentle, the skin dry or moist, rough or smooth, warm or cold? Feel the energy flowing from hand to hand, be aware of the duration of the handshake, the rapidity or slowness with which your hands separate...

- When you drive your car, be aware of all your movements: how you hold the wheel, how you shift gears, how you sit in your seat... You will quickly become aware of any useless tension in your body. The aim of Dr. Vittoz's method is economy and simplicity of movement - both of which help you conserve your energy.

- As you eat, feel the weight of the food on your fork, the muscles you bring into play to carry the food to your mouth, the movement of your jaws, the consistency of the food you're eating...

- When you engage in some sport, like tennis for example, feel the movements of your body, the contact of the racket as it hits the ball, the way it vibrates, and so on.

- When you apply the Vittoz method as you are making love, you will experience a reawakening of your sensitivity, which has been weakened by habit and by being too "emissive." Each caress, each gesture, each movement is an occasion for conscious feeling. Even your emotions - the love you feel for the other person, the love s/he feels for you, your pleasure and the intensity of your orgasm, can be heightened by being conscious and relaxed. Many people claim to have been cured of frigidity or impotence by practicing the Vittoz method.

- Every one of your daily actions can be an occasion to practice the Vittoz method of conscious movement: opening a letter, picking up a telephone, talking, holding a pen, washing something, cooking, cleaning, doing repairs, or even reading.

One exercise merits special attention. Although it is very complex, you can do it frequently. The exercise we're talking about is conscious walking.

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