Concentration on the idea of control

This exercise is the natural progression of the two preceding ones, and requires a simple process of deduction. In fact, as soon as patients are able to remain calm or summon their energy at will, they are capable of self control. They will, therefore, not have much difficulty in defining the sensation of control.

They simply have to be persuaded that, during those moments of voluntary tranquility or energy, they really are in control, in order for them to gradually develop the faculty of real control which is so essential to their well being.

The vibration associated with control is stronger than the usual vibrations - rather than the series of short impulses produced by voluntary energy, these vibrations are slower, stronger and very regular.

At first, patients only have to experience the sensation of tran-quility, energy or control for a few seconds; as they develop the habit, the duration will increase. Patients should therefore do the exercises a number of times per day, under varied circumstances.

Soon the sensations will become engraved in their brain, so that they are able to produce them instantaneously, which is extremely useful.

The same method can, of course, be used to establish other sensations, depending on what we want to change in the patient's behavior, and on each individual patient's characteristics.

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