It's only a short step from constant anxiety to a state of total anguish or depression, which is one of the most typical symptoms of non-control. It is also the most violent, and can have very extreme results, often for no apparent reason. This may take the form of physical pain and/or mental suffering, the specifics of which differ from case to case. On a mental level, patients may suffer because they feel inadequate, and incapable of attaining what they desire, which in turn both terrifies and depresses them. This kind of suffering can destroy the strongest mind - it is the kind of pain the mind fears the most, and is least able to deal with.

Some patients transfer the problem to an organ, and the disorder becomes psychosomatic; anxiety can affect the precordium, stomach, intestines, etc. The pain is not acute but dull, and creates the strangest sensations, which vary from case to case.

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