3 Voluntary acts

"I just can't go on. It's too much for me!"

Have you ever felt like that? Chances are you have. You may even go through periods where you feel you have absolutely no willpower left, and can't seem to deal with anything at all.

Willpower can be re-educated. Dr. Vittoz advises practicing control on little everyday activities. "If these activities are really well done, patients will feel more in control, calmer and more rational. Since the brain is always occupied with something definite, persons become progressively less anxious. Their self confidence grows, and they get into the habit of being in control."

Too often we confuse desire with willpower. Many people would like to speak a foreign language, be rich, have a better job or a more attractive companion, but how many of them have the willpower to go out and get the things they say they desire? The reason for this is that they don't really WANT them.

Dr. Vittoz explains it by setting 5 conditions for having strong, healthy willpower:

1. Unity

2. Concentration

3. Definite objective

4. Possibility

5. Sincerity

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