1 Conscious walking

Start the exercise by concentrating on your right foot, the way it touches the ground, the sensation you feel as it supports your weight.

Then do the same with your left foot.

Become aware of your ankles, your knees, your thighs, your hips, the way your spine moves, the way your arms swing and balance, the way you hold your head. Feel your entire body in perfect balance and control. Feel the amazing mechanism that is your body as it moves in perfect harmony, on a simple command from your brain. As you concentrate on your walking, you will be so flooded with sensations that it will be impossible for your mind to wander.

This is an extraordinary exercise for calming yourself down, regaining a sense of harmony, and getting rid of fatigue.

Compare your mental state before doing the exercise, and after a few minutes of conscious walking. You will be sure to feel the difference.

Whenever you're under a lot of stress, when you get some bad news, or suffer a serious setback, one or two minutes of conscious walking is enough to re-establish your sense of inner calm.

Set yourself a daily route, and practice conscious walking regularly. It can be a short distance, from the garage to the car for example, or up the stairs to your office or apartment.

When you are used to doing the exercise, you can make it even more effective by adding conscious breathing.

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