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Power Quadrant System

This product is going to show you one of the oldest ways that people used to know about their talents, people they should be with and who they truly are. Liz and Ric, the creators of this product have found out about this stone that can tell you about your life, they have dedicated their time and tested a calendar code system that has worked amazingly for them. They were finally able to know what they were supposed to do in life through the code enumerationof their DNA that the product will show you. This product will show you what you are best compatible with, your best strengths and people you are most compatible with, with just 53 minutes and a few papers you will get, you will be on your way to change our life to what it was supposed to be. All of this will come with gifts that will be downloaded to your laptop right after you purchase. You will get all the information you need to know about yourself to get started on your new natural life along with knowing aboutthe perfect life path based on who you are, knowing aboutyour soul mate's code, and many other things that will benefit you greatly, you will become the person that you were designed to be, instead of doing jobs your DNA has not designed you to do. Read more here...

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This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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Take Charge Of Your Life

The Laws of Belief, Expectations, Attraction, and Correspondence, used consciously and deliberately, are the keys to your accomplishing wonderful things with your life. When you begin to change your thinking about your goals and possibilities, your beliefs and actions will change.You will find yourself doing more and more of the things you need to do to make your dreams come true. You will continually expect good things to happen to you, and you will seldom be disappointed. You will begin attracting all kinds of wonderful people and opportunities into your life. Your whole world will begin to correspond, on the outside, with the wonderful goals and pictures that you are creating on the inside.

The Value of a Life Purpose

Your life purpose defines your most meaningful direction in life. It is your supreme reason for being and reflects your principles and what you value most in life. Your statement of purpose is the criterion or yardstick with which you evaluate everything in your life. It demonstrates your decision to live life to the fullest, regardless of your circumstances. Your purpose guides your thinking and behavior even when life deals you its toughest blows. It empowers you to make daily decisions consistent with your highest values and principles even when you lose your spouse, your income, or your health. Your purpose does not need to be specific or measurable. Your goals provide the specific, measurable, and reachable steps to fulfill your ultimate purpose. Optimal Thinkers devote their best efforts to the clarification of their life purpose. They know what they most want to achieve, what they stand for above all else, and what they are most committed to. Their purpose provides the fuel...

Identify Your Life Purpose

The following questions assisted Jack and will help you to identify your life purpose. Make sure you have some quiet time and your pen and notebook with you. Note Jack's responses and then write down your own. When you have many responses to a particular question, jot them all down. Then decide which one is most important to you. (How would you start the best day of your life Where would you most want to be What would you do Who would you choose to be with How would you feel at the end of the day ) I'm in our vacation home with my wife and son. It is a warm summer's day. I enjoy a few hours alone with my wife. Later, we take a walk along the beach with our son, and stop off at a neighborhood restaurant for breakfast. I have a game of golf in the morning with my best friend. On the way to the golf course, I listen to my favorite cassette tape. I also listen to my favorite music. I pop into the office (near our vacation house) for a few hours and finalize the biggest transaction I have...

Exercise 157 Your New Life Mind Walk

A key to real empowerment in your life revolves around your ability to start each day as a clean slate, without past occurrences, behavior or episodes interfering with your progress. If you embrace the possibility of living your life NOW without getting stuck in old, negative programming, you can live your life fully, powerfully and with a fresh perspective every day. Life is only as difficult or easy as you allow it to be.

Exercise 9 Making Better Choices Getting Unstuck

Have you ever observed your friends and relatives year after year doing the same things over and over and getting the same unfavorable results and complaining about the same unfavorable things happening in their lives Being outside their lives, it's easier for you to see how they keep themselves where they are, but they can never see it Sometimes they even show an unmindful pride in keeping themselves a certain way, by saying, I always do such and such when such and such happens. I'll never change. They don't seem to realize that they can change the unfavorable results they get by changing the behavior that leads to such results Perhaps you too have gotten stuck in certain behavioral patterns that keep you where you are right now Maybe you have never learned to consider alternatives, or to think critically about your situations and the alternatives that you can choose for yourself at any time in your life. When is the last time that you took a look at yourself and the choices you are...

Choose Your Role Models With Care

What is silly and self-defeating however, is for you to allow yourself to be inordinately influenced by the fleeting opinions of people whose regard and respect is of no concern or value to you. If you have been raised with destructive criticism, you can easily slip into the trap of organizing your life around trying to gain the approval, or escape the disapproval, or people you don't even know or care about.

Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Some solutions are not considered or are rejected simply because our reaction to them is Yuck. But icky solutions themselves may be useful or good if they solve a problem well or save your life. Eating lizards and grasshoppers doesn't sound great, but if it keeps you alive in the wilderness, it's a good solution. Perhaps more importantly, what at first seem to be icky ideas may lead to better solutions--de-ickified analogues of the original. When doctors noted that some unsophisticated natives were using giant ant heads to suture wounds, they imitated this pincer-closing technique by inventing the surgical staple. Psychological blocks prevent you from doing something just because it doesn't sound good or right, which is a pretty ridiculous thing. Overcoming such blocks can be really beneficial. Navy commandos in Vietnam overcame their blocks and put on women's panty hose when they marched through the swamps and jungle. The pantyhose cut down on the friction and...

Exercise 46 Listening With Better Attentiveness

Reciprocation is also important, so after you both have had a chance to be the listener and speaker, compare the feelings you have concerning each other. Did you think your partner was listening with sincerity Shutting your mouth also allows the listener to consciously tune into more levels than just words You can even change your listening perspective. If you were listening for content, listen instead for any subtle emotions you pick up from the listener. What does the body language tell you about the person, and ask yourself what brought that person to their present state of mind The listener may even begin to feel accepted by you as you pick up on parts of them that they can't articulate or even express openly. Being a good listener takes practice, but it's worth the effort and can truly change your life.

Exercise 56 Handling Emergency Situations

Studies have shown that mental practice of an activity prepares you better for that activity by giving you a better response aptitude when you actually engage in the activity later. With crime and emotional instability increasing, sooner or later you will be tested to react to some form of emergency situation in your life. You don't have to respond with fear or panic, which often results in severe stress, injury or death by inappropriate action. For an added drill, relax, close your eyes again, and think about how you would react to the following hypothetical emergencies, if they would occur in your life.

127 136 147 155 166 176 184 193 202 210 214

Good books are crammed with good ideas one idea can change your life. As a great educator has said, A mind stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original proportions. But here's a sobering thought It has also been said that as far as about 95 of the people are concerned, all the really great books, with their treasures of golden knowledge, could be burned. That's right - probably 95 of the people would never miss them - and all because they never discovered the thrill and excitement of learning new things from good books.

Exercise 152 Shifting Your Conscious Awareness

During the day, when a negative emotion pops up, shift your conscious awareness into it for more control and hold it there. Examine the emotion. Do you want it Is it good for you What physiologically is happening to you because of it Keep consciously examining and questioning yourself about it and you trick the emotional side of the mind into releasing its control. It has to yield to the logical side of the mind if you WILL your conscious awareness into the experience (review Exercise -Consciously Disciplining Yourself ). Isn't it interesting to have more control over your life You're beginning to know yourself better now, aren't you

Exercise 8 Honesty For Better Clarity

If you decide that honesty has better advantages, you must practice it like any other skill. By practicing honesty, you're automatically practicing courage. When you practice courage, you get a better handle on fear. When courage manifests itself more than fear in your life, real love is easier to experience on a regular basis. One supports, complements and assists the other. Saying one thing & doing something else or unfulfilled commitments, no matter how well intentioned, are broken contracts and hardly honest. Get in touch with such episodes when they happen. Recognize how they make you feel inside. Don't betray in your deeds what you profess in your words. Not wanting to be responsible for your words or actions brings about self-denial, which in turn begets dishonesty. Can you feel good about yourself when your life is filled with deceit and dishonor If you can't, then honesty is logical for your emotional well being dishonesty is not. As an...

Whole Mind Syntopic Reading

The first active step of syntopic reading is to formulate an initial statement of purpose that includes a reference to something meaningful in your life. This evolves into something even more meaningful as you progress through the steps of the syntopic reading process. Why does the second statement have more emotional power Because, it has a purpose with personal meaning in your life. Meaning or relevance increases long term retention.

6 The Number Shape System

If you managed to do this successfully, you have already accomplished a memory feat that most people would find difficult if not impossible. You have now forged into your memory and creative imagination a system that you will be able to use throughout your life and that combines the qualities of both the left and the right hemispheres of your brain.

Center of Creation Imagery

Any thought or intention imagined in this magical space is sure to come into physical manifestation so imagine your life exactly as you desire it to be. State your intention out loud to yourself. Allow this image to become one unlimited thought. Now take the thought out of your head and place it in your cupped physical hands in front of you. With your unlimited thought held in front of you in your two hands, quickly blow into your hands and release your intent into the universe as though you were casting seeds out into the air. This begins the physical process of creation.

Powe Of Positive Radiant Thinking

Kory. Inner Joy New Strategies for Adding More Pleasure to Your Life. New York Wyden, 1980. -. Real Magic Creating Miracles in Your Life. New York Harper Hay, Louise. You Can Heal Your Life. Farmingdale, N.Y. Coleman Publishing, 1984. -. Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook. Los Angeles Hay House,

Exercise 51 Journal Writing For Emotional Calming

Another exercise in emotional coping can be writing down an overview of your life story or a brief autobiography of yourself. You might begin by writing about whatever memorable words and phrases you can remember from your childhood. Without realizing it, many of these early shoulds and should nots & dos and don'ts may be inhibiting your freedom, censoring your awareness and restricting your energy. Honestly evaluate what you've written and determine for yourself whether it's still useful or valid for your life. Write down meaningful changes and events all the way to the present time. Afterwards, reading what you have written to yourself or even sharing it with someone else that has done likewise can provide you with powerful insight toward improvement. When two or more people do this in an honest and reciprocal way, a broader picture is often afforded to all concerned. Self-acceptance, self-worth and self-confidence is more easily embraced.

Intensely Desired Goals

By using this method, you will help your goals to materialize exactly when you are ready for them. By writing and rewriting your goals, you burn them deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind. At a certain point, you activate your superconscious mind. At that point, you begin attracting into your life people and circumstances that can help you to achieve them.

Exercise 142 Improve Your Physical Strength In 7 Days

You can measure the many things that affect your life energy force with a simple kinesiological muscle test. By using a hand grip dynamometer, you can test your strength after exposure to specific energy fields, foods, pictures, words, symbols or even the thoughts of others directed toward you. For most people, listening to rock or country music, looking at unpleasant or negative pictures, eating sugar or red meat, coming into contact with plastics, synthetic clothing or cigarettes, and even thinking negative thoughts weakens a person kinesiologically. Although the effects are mostly temporary, constant exposure in these areas can continually deplete your bodily energy. Elimination of such exposure allows your body to strengthen itself again.

Benefits of the mind map diary

It provides both a macroscopic and a microscopic view of your life becoming, as it grows, a comprehensive life-management tool. It allows you to span future and past to plan and record. The diary system is in itself a multi-dimensional mnemonic of multidimensional mnemonics It thus provides a virtually complete externalised memory-core of your life. vf It puts you in control of those areas of your life which are most important to you.

Anxiety impedes reading

Meditation - Perhaps the most profound changes you will ever make in your life will be in those times of stillness when you connect with your Higher Self. Through a program of intentional stillness, you can significantly speed up the process of incorporating and integrating the Light Speed Reading course. There are several very successful and effective meditation processes and programs available in your public library. Further information can be had from TM (Transcendental Meditation) groups. Check in with your local Public Library for assistance.

Rate Your Self Esteem Purpose and Goals

If your score is 46-70, your self-esteem, purpose, and goals are extraordinary however, you have not accomplished what might still be possible or in your best interest. This section of Optimal Thinking will empower you to take the best actions to make the most of yourself and your life. When you choose the best and do not settle for second best, you experience a sense of completion in your life. If your score is 16-45, your self-esteem, purpose, and goals are mediocre. You doubt your capabilities and are not making the most of your talents and life. In this section of Optimal Thinking, you will gain knowledge, skills, and confidence to support your best interests. You will embrace your uniqueness, and learn how to make the most of yourself and your life. If your score is 0-15, your self-esteem, purpose, and goals are negative. You are probably feeling disheartened right now. You may believe that you don't have what it takes to create a life that supports your best interests. Many...

Exercise 176 Learning Self Hypnosis

Make sure that you clarify the goal that you want to accomplish ahead of time though, or your mind will wander aimlessly unless you implant a purpose. Whatever you decide you want to change in your life -- habits, memory, posture, personality -can be acted upon at this point.

Do What You Love To Do

How would you change your life if you won a million dollars The great majority of people, if they won a million dollars, would immediately quit their current jobs. If you would quit your current job if you won a million dollars, this is a danger signal. It means that you are in great danger of wasting your career and wasting your life.

Exercise 219 The Effect Of Symbols

All environmental perceptions affect you through their form. Through visualization, it is possible for a skilled individual to negate the effects of form, but for most people, how you resonate with form and the energies absorbed by it determines how you are affected by it. To bring balance and harmony in your life, associate yourself with symbols that will benefit and help you.

Exercise 2 Anchoring Positive States of Mind

Throughout your life, haphazard anchors get neurologically created whenever your mind and body are strongly involved together and a specific stimulus is repeatedly provided at the peak of a certain state. Afterwards, whenever the stimulus that acts as an anchor is provided, your response is to experience the state once again. An anchor can be an external or internal stimulus that triggers a physiological or psychological response. Just as a single spoken word given as a post-hypnotic suggestion can elicit the state of hypnosis, a single word, visualization or motor movement can also be used to bring about any other state you are seeking to elicit. How long a neurological link lasts varies, but the more individualistically unique the anchor is, the better its chances of lasting longer. How long a state lasts also varies, but a desired state can be initiated and consciously reinforced through a specific process. Repeat this anchoring process for confidence periodically throughout the...

Exercise 217 Body Rhythms and Cycles Chronobiology

In many instances, this process occurs during 37-hour cycles -- beginning with negative, emotional repression and ending with ailments or mishaps. For example, think back to when you last got a cold. Did something 37 hours prior to catching your cold emotionally upset you Strong emotion sets the body clock into motion. As an exercise, keep a diary and record the exact hour that you next blow off steam, and be careful with your activities 37 hours later. Also, reverse the process. Meditate or create a joyful, loving atmosphere about yourself 37 hours prior to an important meeting or event in your life and notice how well things go for you.

Exercise 44 Learning To Be Decisive

How can you become more decisive How can you make distinct life choices and proceed ahead with those choices To begin, consciously review the life's choices that you've already made, and see for yourself how you've created your own reality as it stands now Look at your life and see how directly and how indirectly you've created the circumstances that have brought you to this point in your life. Write it down on paper and look at it. So with step one, you must acknowledge that you are stuck in a certain pattern of behavior and that you want to be elsewhere. After all, you are either an active or an inactive participant in your own life, it's your choice. What do you really want to do in your life Can you see yourself happily doing this What are the reasons you are not proceeding in this direction Put these reasons down on paper. How can you go about changing your situation Never once believe that you are helpless to change your life for the better. You're always free to choose, and use...

Exercise 6 Positive Affirming Positive Living

You are unintentionally programming your subconscious into an acceptance of unwarranted fear in your life. In this exercise, read aloud to yourself the positive affirmations listed below, one at a time -- but read them at least 3 times each. Each time, imagine the meaning of the affirmation, and feel what you are affirming is possible in your life. If a particular statement is not applicable or acceptable to you, omit it. Create other statements more appropriate to your situation. Repeat especially appealing statements over and over mentally to yourself throughout the day. Feel them, and visualize them manifesting in your life. Affirmations have a power to them, because they can change your thoughts and thereby change your reality. Since the root of mental and emotional blocks reside in your subconscious thoughts, affirmations are an excellent tool to help you change old mind tapes and programming. If you object to the idea of positive affirmations, that's a good signal you need some...

Write Down Your Supreme Goals

The results of a 1973 survey revealed some enlightening information about the value of written goals. In 1953, a group of graduating students at Yale University was asked a series of questions, which included, Have you set clear, specific goals for your life Have you written them down and have you made plans to accomplish them Of those interviewed, 3 percent had written down their goals and formulated specific plans to attain them. Twenty years later the surviving members of that class were again interviewed. The 3 percent who had written down their goals had achieved greater financial success than all of the other 97 percent. The participants had originally been chosen because of their similar family and socioeconomic backgrounds, intelligence, academic ability, and even physical appearance. The only visible difference between the successful 3 percent and the others was that they had written down their goals and plans.

Exercise 220 Making The Time

As an exercise in utilizing all time morsels of the day to your advantage, carry a little jingle bell in your pocket as a periodic reminder. Every time you hear the little bell tinkle, practice one of the manual exercises. Stop exaggerating in conversations (review Exercise -- Honesty For Better Clarity ). Issue positive statements to yourself and those around you (review Exercise -- Positive Affirming, Positive Living ). Drink in and absorb the simultaneity of your surroundings (review Exercise -- A Multiple Hearing Acuity ). See and don't just look at the diversity of your environment, and consciously remember more (review Exercise -Observational Recall ). Eliminate tension and stress in your life (review Exercise -Relaxation For Improved Awareness ). Do mental calculations (review Exercise -- Mental Multiplication ). Observe and study people (review Exercise -- Discerning Body Language ). Make use of the moments just before falling to sleep. Implant a suggestion into the...

Exercise 50 Managing Your Anger

To manage anger in your life, you must first recognize what anger IS in your life. Here are some key words associated with anger that can help you identify it when it is present - irritation, resentment, impatience, vindictiveness, restriction, abusiveness, disagreement, loudness and hatred. Anger is one of the basic emotions that is said to stem from the limbic system in the brain. Oftentimes, childhood conditioning teaches us to suppress anger rather than to express it. On the other hand, you may have learned to express anger so frequently that it becomes uncontrollable rage in your life.

Exercise 52 Improving Your Visualization Skills

Your power of imagination or visualization (whether it is visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory, olfactory or kinesthetic) is closely linked to everything that you experience in the physical realm. Thought is the crystalline predecessor to reality. The expression seeing is believing is applicable to visualization. To truly see the thing you want to do, become or accomplish is part of the process of believing it. If you can't really see it happen in your life, how can you believe it can happen If you choose to shield yourself from the debilitating effects of negative input, you can create a protective word or visual image to act as your anchor to do so. For instance, you might reiterate to yourself the word, strong, while stepping into a visual image of yourself BEING strong. The higher your life energy, the more protection you will have from negative factors. By raising your own life energy, you correspondingly help to raise the energy of those around you as well.

Exercise 177 Self Induced Trance

When you feel you are just about as deep as you can go, wait for a moment and experience a limitless, restful peace about you. Now take your chalk and write some positive affirmations on your mental blackboard to create a desired change in your life. For example, to curb the smoking habit, say to yourself, My body no longer needs poisonous smoke in my lungs or My body is healthier as a non-smoker. Picture yourself to be strong, confident and at ease with yourself. Visualize how glad that you'll feel as a non-smoker. Imagine yourself in a situation where previously you would have had a cigarette in your fingers or your mouth and now you are content without one. With practice, the whole visualization process can take less than 2 minutes. and publicity given to it that it is so difficult. You can practice this exercise to bring about any needed change in your life. When you want to come out of the trance state, simply suggest to yourself that you will progressively wake up as you count...

You Can Choose Your Thoughts

The Law of Habit says, Any thought or action that you repeat over and over will eventually become a new habit. When you repeatedly react and respond in a positive way, you take full control over your conscious mind. Soon it becomes automatic and easy to think and act in that manner. By using willpower and repetition, you develop new habits of thinking and acting. By applying this law, you can become a completely positive person and change your life.

How to get rid of allergies alleviate pain overcome fear etc

All these psychocybernetic exercises will be of no use unless you answer the following question first WHAT DO I WANT Very few people take the time to really think about what they want, what their goals in life are. And yet, knowing what you want is the first, indispensable step in changing your life. Take a sheet of paper and write the following question at the top of the page WHAT DO I WANT

Your Mental Hard Drive

Everything you know about yourself, all your beliefs, are recorded on the hard drive of your personality, in your self-concept. Your self-concept precedes and predicts your levels of performance and effectiveness in everything you do. Because of the law of correspondence, you always behave on the outside in a manner consistent with your self-concept on the inside. All improvement in your life therefore begins with an improvement in your self-concept. You have an overall self-concept that is made up of all your beliefs about yourself and your abilities. This bundle of beliefs includes all the experiences, decisions, successes, failures, ideas, information, emotions, and opinions of your life up to now. This general self-concept determines how and what you think and feel about yourself, and measures how well you are doing in general.

Anxiety and the inferiority complex

As you read these lines, you may be saying I am not one of those people. Well, take a moment to think about it. There must be certain aspects of your life which you are not comfortable with, areas where you feel you could be doing a lot better than you are, if it weren't for something lacking in your personality.

Exercise 195 Psychokinesis

Developing a psychokinetic ability is similar to other things in your life. You must have a desire to achieve it. You must believe it is possible for you to have it and you must expect to get it. After watching Uri Geller bend spoons and other metal objects on British TV, hundreds of onlookers wound up performing the same feats in their own homes For this exercise, assume a comfortable, relaxed position in a chair (review Exercises -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness and Rhythmic Breathing To Harmonize Body Mind Processes ). Now slowly take several deep, abdominal breaths by inhaling to the count of 4, holding it to the count of 4, exhaling to the count of 4 and pausing to the count of 4.

Negative Attitudes That Block Creativity

Oh no, a problem The reaction to a problem is often a bigger problem than the problem itself. Many people avoid or deny problems until it's too late, largely because these people have never learned the appropriate emotional, psychological, and practical responses. A problem is an opportunity. The happiest people welcome and even seek out problems, meeting them as challenges and opportunities to improve things. Definition a problem is (1) seeing the difference between what you have and what you want or (2) recognizing or believing that there is something better than the current situation or (3) an opportunity for a positive act. Seeking problems aggressively will build confidence, increase happiness, and give you a better sense of control over your life.

Exercise 22 Connected Breathing For Increased Energy

Powerful effects can be felt by controlling your inhalation and exhalation in a connected way. By gently, but deeply breathing in and out without a pause in between, you can supercharge your system with energizing oxygen. Maintain this connected breathing in a relaxed rhythm (don't force yourself into a hyperventilating syndrome) for an hour a day for 30 consecutive days, and you will feel far more able to successfully accomplish many of the other exercises in this manual. Your stress and negative emotions will dissipate too. There is a merging of your pure life energy with the air you breathe that will send vibrations throughout your body in a cleansing, nourishing way. By controlling your breathing in this way, you can physically extend your life. Hunger is more often a subconscious habit than it is a necessity. The overweight population of the world attests to this observation. Maintaining conscious control over your life negates this tendency to overeat. In fact, through the power...

Key memory principles

So, what does all this mean for you in your life at work and at home When it comes to how your memory works, there are a number of simple principles to understand. Each of these principles has a direct impact on your life. In the workplace, for example, the following apply Each of these principles has a direct impact on your life. In the workplace, for example, the following apply

Creating is remembering

There is so much to say about psychocybernetics we could not hope to provide an in-depth study of the subject within the context of this book. The important thing is to try it out for yourself, and see what it can do for you in practical terms. You may find your life becoming a series of amazing 'coincidences,' all of which seem to be working towards attaining your goals, bringing you into contact with the people and resources you need to achieve your objectives.

You Will Believe It When You See It

The third part of the five-part process of supercharging your thinking is visualization. You already know how powerful this can be in helping you to achieve your goals. It is only when you learn to use visualization on every goal and activity that you will truly tap into its amazing power for good in your life.

Examine Your Basic Premises

Most of your thoughts and your responses to the events and people of your life are determined by your basic premises. These are the ideas, beliefs, opinions, and conclusions you have come to as the result of inputs and experiences starting in childhood.They constitute not only your self-concept, but also your philosophy of life. The more adamant and convinced you are of your basic premises, the more they predict and control everything you do, say, and feel.

Exercise 223 I Am A Millionaire

If you learned that all it took to become a millionaire was to write and say, I am a millionaire, 50 times each day for a solid year, would you do it You probably wouldn't, because it would be just too much trouble, and you would have too many doubts that it would work. Unfortunately, that is exactly what keeps people from becoming millionaires, or for that matter from achieving almost anything else they want in life - doubt and exerting the necessary effort to get the job done. If you change your attitude towards yourself and the things around you, you can change your life. I'm sure you've seen this in your experiences already. How many things in your life have changed simply because you changed your emotional attitude toward them Most people drift through life always taking the easiest or most decision-free path, and experiencing doubts about almost everything they do along the way. How can you expect to achieve highly, if these personality flaws are constantly tripping you all...

Your Mission Statement

When you conduct personal strategic planning for yourself, you always begin with a mission statement. This is clear definition of exactly what you want to be and accomplish at some future date. To develop your mission statement, you project forward and imagine that you have been completely successful in achieving all your goals in a particular area.You then describe your life and activities in this area exactly as if they were already true today. This kind of mission statement can then serve as an organizational blueprint for your life. You can use it to make decisions by comparing what you are about to do to see if it is consistent with your mission. If it is not consistent with your mission, or with your ideal image of the very best person you could possible be, you would not do it.

Probabilities Are Everything

Throughout your life, you must be constantly thinking about all the things you can do, in every area, to increase the probabilities that you will be successful in achieving your goals. You should leave nothing to chance. You should refuse to wish or hope, or trust to luck. You must take control of your situation.You are responsible.

The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is considered by many people to be the most important law of all in explaining both success and failure. This law says that you are a living magnet and that you inevitably attract the people and circumstances into your life that harmonize with By this law, or natural force, the more you think about something you want, the more excited you will become about achieving it. The more excited or convinced you become, the more you will attract that goal into your life, like a magnet attracts iron filings. Your thoughts will create a force field of energy that will attract the people, circumstances, ideas, opportunities, and resources that you need to achieve your goals.When you change your thinking about yourself and your possibilities, you will attract into your life the forces necessary to turn those big thoughts and ideas into real-life experiences.

First Thing In The Morning

Activate the law of attraction and begin drawing into your life people and resources that can help you to achieve your goal. If you generate 20 ideas per day, 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year, you will come up with an astounding total of 5,000 new ideas to improve your life and work each year. If you implement only a single new idea each day, 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year, you will be using 250 ideas per year to help you solve your problems and achieve your goals. More people have become rich using this 20-idea method than any other method of creative thinking ever discovered. All that is necessary for this method to work is for you to practice it regularly in your own life. All that is required is your willingness to use mind-storming regularly, and then to try out the ideas you generate until this process becomes a normal part of your life.

Different Forms Of Courage

You need the courage to turn toward danger continuously. Identify all the fear situations in your life that cause you stress or anxiety today. Decide what the worst possible outcome of each of those situations might be. Resolve to accept the worst, should it occur. And then take action to resolve each of those situations. Refuse to allow a fear situation to remain in your life, dominating your thinking and emotions and holding you back. You need the courage to practice zero-based thinking continuously in your life. Ask yourself, Is there anything in my life that, knowing what I now know, I would not get into or start up again today if I had it to do over You cannot make a great life for yourself if, right in the middle of your life, if there is something that you wouldn't even get into if you had it to do over again. And you always know when you are dealing with a zero-based thinking situation. It causes you a great deal of stress. It preoccupies you continually. It sometimes keeps...

Making learning normal

What does a typical week in your life look like How much of it is spent trying to learn things Obviously, you learn without being conscious of it, so it may be difficult to be sure. Use the week at a view chart below to work out how much time you spend doing things. The kinds of things you might want to include on your weekly chart are work, domestic chores, sports, gardening, DIY, playing with family, time with your partner, eating, television, courses you take, traveling to and from work, etc.

Your Possibilities Are Unlimited

We are living in the golden age of mankind. There have never been more opportunities and possibilities for you to become all you are capable of becoming, and to achieve more of your goals, than there are today. You can use this book as a guide to greater success and happiness for the rest of your life. Here again are the 12 core ideas 2. Change Your Life. You come into the world as pure potential, with unlimited abilities in countless areas. As the result of destructive criticism in childhood, you can inadvertently develop fears of failure, loss, rejection, and criticism. You can develop self-limiting beliefs that hold you back. By getting rid of these negative emotions, you liberate your potential and change your life. 3. Dream Big Dreams. The true starting point of living the kind of life that is possible for you is to create an exciting future vision of what you would want your life to be, in every area, if you had no limitations at all. Imagine that you could be, have, or do...

Using Your New Skills

Make the program a part of your life until your new skills become the dominant reading skills. This could take a few weeks or a few months. IT DOES NOT MATTER What does matter is that you do not lose the most valuable skill you have ever developed, and that you develop this skill further until everything you do is easier and your performance in every area of learning has improved. Develop a plan to improve your vocabulary. Anything related to learning should become interesting to you. Show off your skills to yourself and to anyone else lucky enough to be around you.

You Are A Living Magnet

The Law of Attraction says that you are a living magnet and that you invariably attract into your life the people, ideas, opportunities, and circumstances in harmony with your dominant thoughts. When you think positive, optimistic, loving, and successful thoughts, you create a force field of magnetism that attracts, like iron filings to a magnet, the very things you are thinking about. This law explains why it is that you don't have to be concerned where your good is going to come from. If you can keep your mind clearly focused on what you want, and refrain from thinking about what you don't want, you will attract everything you need to achieve your goals, exactly when you are ready. Change your thinking and you change your life.

Exercise 145 Imagine and Mind Walk Your Goals

Do you inadvertently visualize in a worried fashion that which you DON'T want with more clarity and frequency than that which you do want The following positive imagery and mind walking exercise WILL work as long as it is maintained with more concentrated duration than your negative imagery -- and remember, keep your visualizations to yourself and free from other people's critical remarks (which can only undermine your belief in the imagery process). Things of positive consequence in your life will happen when you consciously accept that they can happen. Then your commitment and clarity of intention will draw to you what you seek. We all create our own heaven or hell by the thoughts we carry inside of us. Controlling your own thoughts takes practice, but the rewards are indeed quite great Now take a minute and clarify in your mind what you would like to experience in your life. Write it all down and put it in black and white. When you read it later, it will look clearer and more...

Learned optimism and the three Ps

Kind of things you say will give you clues about whether you are naturally optimistic or pessimistic with regard to the permanence of events in your life Pervasiveness refers to whether you can treat misfortunes as separate phenomena or as failures that will pervade all of your life. The kind of things you say will give you clues about whether you are naturally optimistic or pessimistic with regard to the pervasiveness of events in your life Personalization is about whether you feel in control of your life or whether you naturally assume that things happen to you. The kind of things you say will give you clues about whether you are naturally optimistic or pessimistic with regard to the personalization of events in your life You can find out more about this concept by reading Learned Optimism How to Change Your Mind and Your Life. In particular, Seligman suggests useful ways in which you can develop or learn to be optimistic if you find that you tend toward a pessimistic view of events...

To Develop An Ongoing Reading Program And Be Able To Easily And Consistently

One of the most exciting aspects of learning the art of relaxation is that you will be very positively affected in nearly every area of your life. You can draw upon this skill whenever you want to rest, sleep, or be involved in physical activities of any nature, especially in competition, tests in school, giving a talk or presentation, etc. As you use the Programmation Tape, you will learn the power of visualization, imagination and a positive attitude. These are most powerful tools for you to use in directing the development of your Rapid Reading habits.

How To Recognize Tension

It is not unusual for you to be unaware of the presence of tension. Many people develop great tension when they sleep. They even grind their teeth while sleeping. While sleeping, it is possible for your eyes to be tense and strained. When you wake up with tired and smarting eyes, it is because of that tension while sleeping. As you learn to relax more effectively, you will find that you not only read much more effectively, but all areas of your life will be positively affected because of your learning the relaxation skill.

Optimal Conflict Resolution

When you acknowledge and resolve conflict correctly, you minimize differences and optimize mutual understanding. You make the most constructive decisions and reduce drama and crises in your life. To resolve any conflict, willingness by those involved is essential. The objective of the two-way Optimal conflict resolution process is to find the best solution for all concerned. When you resolve conflicts with Optimal communication, the best interests of all are considered and the best solution negotiated. In the real world, however, sometimes negotiations do not result in agreement. Prior to negotiation, it is in your best interest to determine your Optimal contingency plan in case you are unable to reach agreement. This will maximize your leverage.

Putting the Strategies into Practice

Specific problem situations in their lives that are best remedied by customized solutions. Take a few moments to consider your daily routine and the recurring memory problem areas that make your life difficult, that siphon off disproportionate energy and focus. Imagine the time and energy you could liberate if you could devise a system that pushed back on these problems, reducing them to minor, routine tasks.

Memory Myth All Stress Is

Don't run away from stress entirely. Too little stress can actually undermine memory function. Have you ever spent a week on the beach only to wonder what day it is That's because there's no urgency to concentrate or recall information. That carefree feeling is fine for vacation, but imagine what your life would be like if you had so little pressure year-round Chances are, your cognitive function would go on vacation, too and imagine how stressed out that would make you feel A modest amount of stress puts you on alert, sharpens your attentional focus, and prepares you to learn.

Think In Terms Of Cycles And Trends

Look at your life as a series of cycles and trends. Think in terms of regular ups and downs. Think in terms of summers and winters, falls and springs. When you develop this long-term perspective and Which phase are you in today, in each of the important areas of your life and work What could you do to get into or back into phase two, the growth phase What are the cycles and trends in your life and business

Your Most Valuable Asset

Your most valuable asset is your time. It is also your scarcest re-source.You have a limited amount of time, and once it is gone, it is gone forever. Time is essential to accomplishment. Time is perishable. You cannot get more of it, no matter what you do. It can be said that the quality of your life is determined by the way you spend this precious resource.

The Integrity Of Your Own Mind

Truthfulness is the indispensable requirement for the development of character, and the development of character must be a central aim of your life. Aristotle said, The purpose of education is the development of the character of the young. Today, in the United States, many young people have not been brought up with a clear sense of right and wrong. Many people have been told that values are relative. Many people have been told, for example, that if they like to shoplift, then that particular value is just as good as a person who believes that shoplifting is wrong. This form of value relativity leads down a blind alley. It leads to failure, frustration, and unhappiness. The fact is that values are not relative. There are values that are life-enhancing and there are values that are life-destroying. If a value is positive, living by it improves the quality of your life and your relationships with others. A negative value hurts your relationships and detracts from the quality of your...

Project Forward And Think Backward

Earlier, we talked about your ideal future vision. You create this by projecting forward five years and imagining that all of your dreams have come true. What would your life look like if it were ideal in every way Where would you be Who would be there with you What would you be doing How much would you be earning And so on.

Increasing Your Return On Energy

If return on financial capital is called return on equity, your personal ROE is your return on energy. Personal strategic planning is focused on organizing and reorganizing your life, restructuring and reengineering your activities, to increase the quality and quantity of rewards you get from the investment of the hours and days of your life in what you do.

Imagine A Perfect Outcome

There is a direct relationship between how clearly you can see your goal or performance on the inside and how rapidly it comes into your reality on the outside.Visualization is one of the most powerful faculties available to you to become a possibility thinker, to change your thinking about your life and your future.With visualization, you can make your current dreams into future realities.You can change your thinking completely by changing your mental pictures.

Control Your Inner Dialogue

You begin the process of changing your thinking and changing your life by going to work on your self-concept. You start by developing a clear, positive, exciting, and inspiring self-ideal, consistent with the very best person you can imagine yourself becoming. You develop a positive self-image by imagining yourself performing at your very best in everything you do. Finally, you develop high and unshakable levels of self-esteem by loving and accepting yourself unconditionally as a valuable and worthwhile person.

All Causation Is Mental

My third breakthrough came when I learned that all causation is mental. Everything you create in your material world begins with a thought of some kind. If you want to change something on the outside, you have to begin by changing it first on the inside.You have to change your thinking if you want to change your life. This is the greatest discovery of all.

Creativity Is Your Birthright

In fact, even if you have not used your creativity for a long time, and most people have not, you can stir it up, like sugar that has sunk to the bottom of a cup of coffee, by stimulating your mind with methods that we will talk about in the next chapter.

Ask Focused Questions

Remember zero-based thinking Keep asking yourself, If I were not now doing this, would I start it over again today knowing what I now know You will be amazed at how creative you become when you examine every aspect of your life as though you could choose to start it again, if you wanted to, based on your present knowledge and experience.

Principle 2 Take Aggressive Measures to Manage Preexam Anxiety

Continue normal, healthy daily habits on the last couple of days before the test. If you think about it, most of your life is probably relatively relaxed or at least characterized by a certain emotional evenness. High anxiety is not the typical emotional status for most people.

Stage 6 Reality intrudes

If things have gone well, this is the most enjoyable part of the process as you realize just how much of your life you can take control of. Merely hearing yourself saying that you are going to stop doing some things and start doing others is intoxicating stuff We found it helpful to rehearse some of the situations from which we are trying to extricate ourselves using role play. It can be lots of fun.

Taking your mind out of its box

Recognize some things, while others perplex you. For a few brief moments you have a glimpse of the workings of some mechanical object before it has become a familiar part of your life. At the bottom of the box is a manual telling you how to put the bits together, how to get started, and how to get the best out of the product you have bought.

Rate Your Level of Thinking

If your score is 70-75, you are already using Optimal Thinking consistently. This book will validate your thinking and provide you with many new ways to optimize your thinking and your life. If your score is 16-45, your dominant thinking level is mediocre. You think in moderate, middle-of-the-road terms. With Optimal Thinking, you will gain the mental tool to support your best interests. You will then be equipped to make the wisest choices in every situation, and make the most of your life. If your score is 0-15, your dominant thinking level is negative. You are probably feeling distressed right now and may be wondering if it is possible to get your life on track. I often see people like you in my practice. I want to assure you that this book will provide you with the mental tool to be your best and empower you to create your best life. Optimal Thinking is simple, immediately applicable, and does not require a leap of faith. You are on the right path.

Other Specialty Consultations

Some patients without a family history of early-onset Alzheimer's disease express a desire to have the ApoE test, which indicates the risk of developing the most common form of Alzheimer's disease but doesn't offer definitive information. I ask them How would knowing this information affect your view of yourself and your life Can you handle the information I'm also concerned about the possibility that some people might be denied employment, health insurance, or access to other resources if they test positive for an e4 allele, the variant of ApoE that conveys increased risk.

The Cycle of Neuronal Death and Neurogenesis

We now know that this position was a combination of exaggeration and half-truth. Though it's true that most of your brain's neuronal growth occurs during childhood and adolescence, you continue to grow new neurons throughout your life a process known as neurogenesis. This capacity to produce new cells is a hallmark of the brain's plasticity, which allows it to continuously alter neural circuits and form new synaptic networks.

The Visual Reading Process Visual Perception

Your mind has the marvelous ability to create reality through perception. A special trait of human perception is called patterning in which your mind will create a continuation of a pattern when it perceives such a pattern. In other words, you will tend to continue a pattern when you perceive that such a pattern exists. An example might be in a relationship with someone. If a person in your life acts in a certain way often enough, you will tend to believe that they will continue to act that way in the future, too. It's a continuation of a known (perceived) pattern.

You Are An Excellent Person

The preceding paragraph is a statement of your real personality and character. It may not be true for you 100 percent of the time, but it is a good general description of who you really are inside, and where you are going with your life. When you unconditionally accept that you are a truly valuable and worthwhile person, you will express it in everything you say and do. Over time, it will become true for you.Your ideal will become your reality.

Write And Review Your Goals

The second method you can use to bring about rapid internal changes to your thinking and your life is called the standard affirmation technique.This technique requires that you write out your major goals in the form of present, positive, personal affirmations on three-by-five index cards, one goal per card. You can work on 10 to 15 goals at a time using this method.

Your Miniselfconcepts

You have a series of mini-self-concepts as well. These mini-self-concepts combine to make up your overall self-concept. You have a self-concept for every area of your life that you consider important. This mini-self-concept determines how you think, feel, and perform in that area.

The Way You See Yourself

All improvement in your life begins with an improvement in your mental pictures.Your internal images influence your emotions, your behaviors, your attitudes, and even the way other people respond to you. The development of a positive self-image is a vital part of changing your thinking and changing your life.

The Law Of Correspondence

This law says that your outer world corresponds to your inner world, that what you experience on the outside is a reflection of your inner world. Whatever you see when you look around you, you see something in yourself. Wherever you go, there you are. Your outer world of wealth, work, relationships, and health will mirror back to you the pictures and images that are going on inside you. Nothing can permanently stay in your life unless it corresponds with something within you.

Exercise 49 Control The Meaning Of Words

Your name always catches your attention if mentioned in a crowd. Much of your identity is often bound up in your name. In this exercise, say your name the way you normally answer to it and repeat it aloud for a full 5 minutes. If your name is John Schofield and you are called Johnny, then repeat aloud Johnny Schofield softly to yourself. After a few moments, your first and last names will begin to run together in a blur of sound. Don't stop though continue repeating your name aloud for 5 minutes.

Exercise 55 Developing Quick Thinking

When you allow the emotional side of your brain to gain control, the conscious thinking side of your brain is suspended. Quick response is easily achieved when you curb the impulse to flare up emotionally. For starters, exercise discipline over yourself and be silent when emotionally confronted (see Exercise -- Handling Criticism From People ). This will give you a chance to see how another person blows off steam without getting embroiled in the process yourself. It will also give you practice in achieving more conscious control over your life.

Exercise 33 Consciously Creating Your Emotions

Try scene or other calming background music and play it while visualizing to yourself how you would look in a happy scene. Put animals or happy people playing in your scene. Bring all your senses into play. Smell and taste the air. Feel the warmth of the sun and the sand or grass under your feet. See and hear colors and moving action in your happy visualization. Doing this exercise periodically will definitely bring about relief to your negative thought patterns, and you will create a desire to put more relaxation into your life as well. One way to begin controlling and creating better emotions is by controlling the idle thoughts and images you begin to replay in your mind throughout the day. In order to practice the emotions of pure love, compassion, courage and happiness, take a moment every day and create an image or a series of images that can evoke each emotion you want to experience. Think first of someone you truly love or have loved. Hold the image in your mind for a moment,...

Exercise 206 Role Taking As An Actor

If you've ever performed a part in a play, you know the more you actually become the individual you are portraying, the more convincing you are to an audience. Internalizing this same role playing through visualization can often help you solve problems or overcome impasses in your life. As an exercise, think of someone you know or have heard about (past or present) that would be most likely to solve a particular dilemma in your life. Now visualize that person and step into his (her) shoes and fully associate yourself as being that somebody looking through their eyes. Act out in your mind exactly what that person would do to master your problem, step by step. Experiments have shown that students in art classes can develop rapidly into advanced, sophisticated artists under hypnosis, when they believed themselves to be some famous painter of the past. Even in so doing they develop their own style and ability. Through the technique of self-hypnotic time distortion (review Exercise -Learn...

Streamof Consciousness Writing

Stream of hurt, then suddenly, you will be aware of a current of joy. Your inner critic may rule for a while, and then without warning, love will find its way through you. As you express your authentic self on paper without judging the content, you connect with your soul. You will experience intuitive flashes of awareness as your creativity is unleashed, and your life becomes the sacred expression of your highest self.

Becoming A Money Magnet

The Law of Attraction is very powerful in monetary matters. When you save even a small amount of money and put it in a bank account or a carefully chosen mutual fund, you create a certain force field of energy around that money. This energy somehow begins to attract even more money into your life. As your savings and investments grow, the magnetic power of your money grows even stronger. The more money you accumulate, the more money that will be attracted to you, and the more opportunities you will have to accumulate even more.

Attitudes Actions And Emotions

Your attitudes, positive or negative, constructive or destructive, lead to corresponding images, emotions, and actions that affect your life and relationships. Your attitudes, in turn, are based on In and of themselves, the outer aspects of your life are neutral. It is only the meaning that you give to them that determines your attitudes, opinions, emotions, and reactions to them. If you change your thinking about any part of your life, you will change how you feel and behave in that area. And since only you can decide what to think, you have the ability to take complete control over your life.

Exercise 144 Imaging To Bring Luck Happiness

As a precursor to this exercise, do Exercise -- Concentration To Relieve Stress first. Now think about what would bring about a happy state in your life and hold Mental imagery allows you to try on different roles to see how they feel to you. After determining what images would bring about happiness in your life, begin to crystallize and replay those images in your daily life. Learn that you are in control of your thoughts and use your thought power to change them to happy thoughts. Create images involving smell, taste, touch and hearing in your visual scenes for better detail, but keep the visualizations directed toward activation. Be the person you imagine yourself can be, and you will no longer have to put yourself down and be the person you don't want to be. Do you blame the circumstances around you or other people for the things that happen to you Do you wait for someone or something to come along to change matters in your life Catch yourself from saying, I never have any luck,...

Exercise 1 Identifying Your Emotional States

If you were drunk or addicted to something or mentally aberrational, could you recognize that your behavior was different Do you know what makes you cry or what makes you angry Unless emotions are intensely experienced, many people find difficulty in describing or relating to their feelings. They sometimes even deny experiencing the emotions of love, fear, anger or pleasure, because of the lack of conscious awareness of such emotions. People may even feign love or pleasure to cover up unhappiness and low self-esteem. Some obese people are unable to tell the difference between being fearful, angry or hungry, and so they lump all those feelings together as hunger. Then they feel better about themselves by eating. The hunger for food and sex also gets confused in some people, whereby food is then used to gratify sexual frustrations. Sexually promiscuous people sometimes cannot distinguish between lust, compassion, sorrow, gratitude, kindness -- and love When you practice identifying your...

Exercise 10 Keeping Yourself Motivated

Many people think they know what they want to do, but motivating themselves to do it becomes another matter. If you coordinate what you want to do around your life's values, you'll find doing anything becomes easier. Too many people get caught up in doing so many things they don't want to do, and they sacrifice their values in the process. What values do you have that make you feel good or excited If you combine your wants and desires with the values that make you feel good or excited, it will be easier to keep yourself motivated. Find ways to express yourself writing, drawing, talking and creating. Remember the action is more important that the result. Enough self-expression will keep you in the flow of life and also keep you motivated. People normally have a tendency to choose a path requiring less energy, unless there is a pleasurable reward they can obtain after exerting themselves. Stimulating the pleasure zone in the limbic system of the brain is one way to reward yourself. It...

You Are Responsible

The acceptance of personal responsibility for your life is the giant step from childhood to maturity. Prior to that decision, people criticize, complain, and blame others for their problems. After that decision, they see themselves as the primary creative forces in their own lives. Before you take total responsibility for your life, you see yourself as a victim. Afterward, you see yourself as a victor.

You Determine Your Own Income

Just imagine You are where you are and what you are because you have decided to be there. Everything you accomplish, for the rest of your life, will be largely determined by the actions that you take, or fail to take.You are responsible.You are in charge.You are in control. You are your own boss. And there are no limits except the limits that you allow the outside world to place on yourself and on your thinking.

The Determinant Of Personality

Both your choice of values and the order of your values are critical in determining your personality and your life. Here is an example. Imagine that two people have each been through a values clarification exercise and settled upon the same three values. Only the order is different.

The Respect Of Others

One of the most important decisions you make as you go through life is to decide for yourself the specific people whose respect is of the greatest value to you. Once you are clear about who you respect and why you respect them, you can then organize your life in such a way that you continually earn that respect, whether they know of your actions or not.

Practice Systematic Desensitization

But Toastmasters International has developed a powerful method of teaching public speaking even to people who are absolutely terrified of the idea of standing up and speaking in front of others. It is the process of systematic desensiti-zation. You can use it in every area of your life to reduce fear and build courage.

Set Standards Of Performance

Once you have determined the results that you absolutely, positively have to get to perform at your best in a particular aspect area of your life or work, you then give yourself a score of 1 to 10 in each key result area, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. You must be at a 7 level or above in each area to do your overall job in an excellent fashion. Wherever you are scoring 7 or below, you must set a goal to improve in that area.

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