Cancer Causes and Treatments

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

Learning About 10 Ways Fight Off Cancer Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life The Best Tips On How To Keep This Killer At Bay Discovering that you or a loved one has cancer can be utterly terrifying. All the same, once you comprehend the causes of cancer and learn how to reverse those causes, you or your loved one may have more than a fighting chance of beating out cancer.

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Chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer can also induce memory loss. Researchers from M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston recently assessed memory and other cognitive functions in women with breast cancer before and during chemotherapy. The study, published in the journal Cancer in 2004, found that 33 percent of the women had deficits in one or more of the following areas learning and memory, processing speed, attention, and visual perception before starting chemotherapy and that 61 percent had impairments within six months after starting chemotherapy. Cognitive problems caused by chemotherapy are often transient half of the women who experienced them in the M. D. Anderson study found that their deficits improved one year after treatment ended. Radiation is used in the treatment of primary and metastatic brain tumors as well as prophylaxis against potential metastatic brain disease from cancers elsewhere in the body. In addition to destroying cancer cells, radiation can...

Consider the situation normal

Eager to learn more, I decide to observe some of the other groups who are still 'at work.' I hear a young man saying, Black, it's all black. When questioned further he says, All black. I feel cold. I want to come back. His case concerned a man suffering from generalized cancer.

Whats Good for Your Heart Is Good for Your Brain

Carbohydrates are the body's main energy source, but if consumed in excess they are converted to fat and then deposited in all the wrong places. Bread, cereal, rice, pasta, and potatoes are foods that are rich in carbohydrates. For several reasons, vegetables and fruits are among the best types of food. They contain little to no fat, and their carbohydrate content is mainly glucose and fructose, simple sugars that are very easy to digest and convert into energy. Critically, they all contain a large quantity of fiber or roughage, which provides good protection against colon cancer and many other age-related diseases. Many of these fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and essential minerals, but the nutrient composition varies among different categories. Therefore, it is best to eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Common Causes of Amnesia

Paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis (associated with cancer) kinds of brain infections (such as viral encephalitis), and paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis associated with cancer. People with medial temporal amnesia forget information very soon after encountering it but generally have intact attention, insight, and overall intellectual function.

Practical Methodology

Keep the session relaxed and playful. The creative juices flow best when participants are relaxed and enjoying themselves and feeling free to be silly or playful. Eat popcorn or pizza or ice cream or make paper airplanes or doodles while you work, even if the problem itself is deadly serious like cancer or child abuse. Don't keep reminding everyone that this is a serious problem or that was a tasteless joke.

Mistakes about justification

There is another type of irrational belief. Sometimes we allow ourselves to accept false beliefs because we believe doing so will benefit us in some way. In such cases we not only lack evidence for the belief, but we also seem not to care that we have none. For instance, someone might believe that the predictions of their astrologer will come true they might believe in faith-healing ESP life after death that everything in the Bible is literally true that their terminally-ill grandparent will make a recovery that a certain alternative healing method will cure cancer. We often feel that it would be unfeeling to point out that such a person's beliefs are irrational. Indeed, we often admire their faith and sincerity. However, it would be a mistake to retreat into relativity and conclude that their belief is 'true for them'. The belief is false, that's that. Indeed, such people can sometimes paradoxically be described as believing that which they know to be false - self-deceived.

Identifying Reversible Causes of Memory Loss Is Critical

In the next few chapters you will learn about these specific causes of memory loss and the optimal therapeutic strategies to reverse them. I will focus on common disorders that frequently lead to memory loss, and will not discuss less common causes of memory loss, which include cancer (spread to the brain or general toxicity), multiple sclerosis, HIV infection, and Lyme disease. High fever and other conditions can cause acute memory loss as part of delirium,'' but these illnesses tend to occur in hospitalized patients and are easily identified hence they won't be discussed in this book.

How about a Male Estrogen

How about a male estrogen to prevent not only memory loss but also heart attacks and strokes that are more common in men than in women There is work afoot to try to develop compounds that retain many of the properties of estrogen without producing its feminizing effects such as changes in breast size and other physical features. The antiosteoporosis medication raloxifene (Evista), which some have informally labeled as estrogen-light, has fewer feminizing properties than regular estrogen, but it is still not suitable for use by men. A recent study in women showed that Evista was much less likely to lead to breast cancer than estrogen, and this compound may be worth testing in women with mild memory loss. The irony about estrogen is that it is a steroid, as is the male hormone, testosterone. Corticosteroids are thought to damage hippocampal cells, but sex hormone steroids may actually protect the same cells. Testosterone therapy in men has not been studied as much as estrogen in women...

Risks of Estrogen Therapy

Estrogen therapy stimulates estrogen-responsive cells in the breast and uterus, and hence slightly raises the risk of both breast and uterine cancer. A family history of breast or uterine cancer is a cautionary sign, but by itself it does not mean you shouldn't take estrogen. Cynthia was unwilling to take the risk because her aunt had suffered from breast cancer. Her sister Myra did take the risk and benefited greatly from estrogen replacement therapy. During the last couple of decades, improved technology in early breast cancer detection has tilted the balance in favor of estrogen therapy, which is why I recommended it for Cynthia.

Other Potential Promemory Agents

DHEA's conversion to steroid hormones underlies some of its therapeutic effects, but the same properties can lead to toxicity. DHEA raises the levels of testosterone and other male hormones, which increases the risk of prostate cancer. I strongly recommend medical evaluation and clearance by a physician, including assessment of blood prostate-specific antigen (PSA), for any middle-aged or elderly man who chooses to embark on DHEA therapy.

Genetic Strategies There Is No Memory Gene

Genetics is the holy grail of new technology in medicine. There is a lot of hype, which reaches a crescendo with every breakthrough, be it the cloning of sheep or a new treatment for breast cancer. But in my view, the hype is justified. An incredible number of diseases are primarily genetic in origin, and we have little to no idea as to how to treat them, except for therapies that treat the symptoms but not the disease itself. As our knowledge about human genetic structure and function grows, more and more genetically engineered treatments will emerge. Eventually, some of our science fiction fantasies will be transformed into human reality.

The Major Alternative Systems of Medicine

Proponents of homeopathy say that the minute dose of medicine has a powerful effect. The skeptical view is that the homeopathic sugar pill is no different from a placebo. But even if all that homeopathic therapy produced was a placebo effect, this is nothing to scoff at. Anywhere from 5 to 50 percent of people respond to placebo, depending on the condition being treated. As you might expect, a strong placebo response is virtually unknown in conditions like AIDS and cancer, but is fairly common in disorders like chronic back pain and depression. As I previously noted, the practice effect is responsible for a small, but highly consistent, improvement in memory on placebo, and this practice effect virtually mandates a placebo-

Overpowered by Emotions

Consider Cathy, an attorney who was abused and rejected by her father. Ten years ago, her unresolved anger wrecked her relationship with her boyfriend. When Howard discovered that his mother had lung cancer, he was devastated. Even though he assured Cathy that his emotional turmoil had nothing to do with her, she felt angry and rejected. When Howard decided to spend a weekend on his own to sort out his feelings, Cathy wrote him a nasty letter. He was deeply hurt and ended the relationship. To this day, Cathy is terrified of rejection and does not trust herself to behave rationally in intimate relationships.

11 Outcome of Outcome Framing

Isn't this thinking of cancer only and exclusively in terms of death a pretty negative perspective, and where will that kind of death thinking get you-but more depression and resignation, which then signals your brain to go into even more gloomy and sick states

Neurogenesis In The Adult

As if the processes for establishing and maintaining long-term memory weren't already complicated enough, recent findings indicate that hitherto unanticipated mechanisms also may play a role. Specifically, neurogenesis has entered the picture. When I was a young scientific sprout, the dogma was that there is no new generation of neurons in the adult CNS. However, fascinating recent results have shown that neurogenesis does indeed continue into the adult, particularly in the dentate gyrus. One key publication by Fred Gage and his colloborators showed specifically that new neurons are generated in the adult human brain (73). How might one be able to ascertain this fact Cancer patients sometimes receive treatment with the drug Bromo-deoxy Uridine (BrdU). It selectively affects dividing cells by being incorporated into their DNA upon de novo DNA synthesis. Therefore, an ancillary aspect of this is that BrdU selectively labels freshly divided cells. Post-mortem analysis of the brains of...

The Essential Promemory Diet

A saturated fat-rich diet is the worst dietary culprit. It can lead to memory loss because high cholesterol levels and plaques begin to block the brain's arteries. Eventually, blood clots can lead to ministrokes and cognitive deficits, depending on which specific part of the brain has been damaged. If hippocampal or frontal cortex nerve cells, or the pathways connecting these regions, are destroyed, memory loss is the result. High levels of saturated fats also generate toxic free radicals, which can damage brain cells even further. Lowering saturated fats boosts the antioxidant potency of your diet, which is beneficial for memory and the aging process more broadly. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will prevent vitamin deficiencies, promote memory, and reduce the risks of cancer, heart attacks, and stroke.

Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Vitamin E is known to boost T cell function, which is important for the proper functioning of the immune system, which defends the body against bacteria, viruses, and toxins. Vitamin E may also indirectly protect against heart disease and cancer. It is present in soy-bean oil, margarine, nuts, wheat germ, and seeds, but the amounts contained in these natural foods are insufficient to produce a strong antiaging or promemory effect. You need to take vitamin E capsules to get this added kick. The Alzheimer's study utilized 2,000 units of vitamin E daily, but this is a high dose that may increase the risk of bleeding, because vitamin E is an anticoagulant. Until systematic studies are conducted to compare different vitamin E doses in the prevention and treatment of memory loss, I suggest that you stick to a daily capsule of 800 units (400 units if you want to be more conservative). I myself follow this strategy.

Training Participants Who Have Disabilities

Because there are so many different types of disabilities and each person's disability affects him or her in potentially different ways, it is impossible to list all of them here. In addition, many people have nonvisible disabilities that can affect their ability to function as others might and create learning challenges for them (e.g., diabetes, dyslexia, alcoholism, and cancer). Such participants may not always be willing to disclose their disability to others and in some cases have learned consciously to mask them from others for personal reasons. Often this is done because of either embarrassment or the fear of discrimination should their disability become known. At any rate, respect rights and desires of all your participants and attempt to provide a learning environment that is accessible to everyone.

Exercise 150 Using Self Healing Thoughts

All doctors acknowledge the power of your mind to heal your body. They use terms to explain away such healings like the placebo effect or a state of remission, but they know it's your mind that is creating such an effect on your body. Your body has a natural ability to protect and heal itself on a day to day basis. All so-called cures that take place in the world are simply stimulations of your own immune system. When your energy is high, so is your health. When your energy is low, so is your ability to heal itself, and it's at this time that you're most susceptible to ill health. Most people have heard of Christian Science practitioners refusing surgical operations on serious ailments -- even cancer -- because of their belief structure of mind over matter. How is the process of self-healing done How can you reduce or eliminate your susceptibility to ailments with the power of your mind


My father grew up during the Great Depression. When he was in the sixth grade, his father died of cancer, and my dad dropped out of school so that he could go to work and help support his mother and siblings. Despite having only an elementary school education, my father was fortunate enough to soon be able to go to work for the Western of Alabama Railroad, at the age of 15 as a carmen's apprentice. He worked a good union job for that railroad for the next 45 years, first as a railroad coach carpenter and then as a diesel engine mechanic. My

Nutritional Problems

In some cases, memory loss can be traced to vitamin deficiencies. The adverse effects of alcohol are partly caused by liver damage leading to deficiency of the vitamin B1, or thiamine, which is essential for the brain. Folic acid, or vitamin B7, deficiency is associated with anemia. Folic acid is known to help protect against colon cancer, birth defects in pregnancy, and possibly heart disease. Folic acid deficiency occurs in older people with poor diets, and can lead to memory loss.

Cynthias Story

My aunt died of breast cancer, so I won't take the risk, she replied. Myra explained that she had no problems on estrogen and that she had regular, frequent checkups with her gynecologist, including regular mammograms and pelvic exams. But Cynthia remained adamant that because there was a risk of cancer, she would not take estrogen.

Vitamin E

Estrogen is only now being directly tested as both a preventive and treatment strategy for mild memory loss due to aging. Even though the results are not yet out, the weight of the evidence supporting its promemory properties is strong. Also, estrogen has broad antiaging properties that include actions against osteoporosis and heart disease, which helped it get top billing. Gynecologic monitoring is essential because of the potential risk of uterine and breast cancer, though using an estrogen-progesterone combination virtually eliminates the increased risk of cancer of the uterus. You need a prescription from your doctor for Premarin 0.625 mg daily (or equivalent), or estrogen-progesterone combinations such as Prempro (over a dozen such combination medications exist).

How Vitamin E Works

These broad antiaging effects of vitamin E have led to propositions that it can fight cancer, slow down the formation of cataracts in the eyes, and relieve arthritic symptoms. Some of these claims go way beyond the available evidence, and it remains to be seen if the actions of vitamin E are really that widespread.

Feeding Your Brain

You know that proper nutrition assists your body to fight infection, prevent cancer, and function efficiently during daily activities. Take just a few minutes to evaluate your diet. In the blank next to each food category, write the number of servings you eat on a typical day It is important for you to eat a balanced diet. Not only does it keep your body healthy, but it keeps your mind supplied with the nutrients necessary to function at peak capacity. For a general rule of thumb, anything brightly colored is brain food (just as crunchy fruits and vegetables, in general, are anticancer foods). You will learn in the next chapter how to fine-tune your mental processes and regain the mental agility you possessed 15 to 20 years ago. If you do not get adequate sleep and properly fuel your body to support these new practices, however, you will not reap your fullest benefits.

Trial experiment

Diagnosed diseases include most of the common diseases of our time, the most prevalent being cancer, ulcers, circulation problems and bone diseases like arthritis and rheumatism. The causes are often psychological. It is both surprising and saddening to see the number of sick persons suffering from solitude and a complete lack of tenderness and affection.