Biofeedback Mastery

Biofeedback Mastery

Have you ever wondered what Biofeedback is all about? Uncover these unique information on Biofeedback! Are you in constant pain? Do you wish you could ever just find some relief? If so, you are not alone. Relieving chronic pain can be difficult and frustrating.

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How can you enter the alpha state

We could say that inducing the alpha state is like opening a door and entering the realm of the subconscious. We should also mention that biofeedback devices are much less harmful than other, more controversial methods of alpha induction. As Dr. Brown states, substances like marijuana, LSD, heroine, alcohol and other drugs can also be used to increase alpha activity.

Mental Dynamics In Search of a Unified Theory

Although psychocybernetic techniques are usually practiced in a state of ordinary relaxation, I was convinced that the same techniques could be doubly effective if applied to persons in an altered state of consciousness. For that reason I became interested in self-hypnosis, biofeedback and sophrology. It was while attending a seminar based on Silva's Mind Control technique

Caycedos Dynamic Relaxation

American therapists were working along the same lines when they developed an electronic biofeedback device electrodes attached to a patient's body were used in place of proprioceptors, allowing researchers to detect physiological sensations that could then be transformed into auditory of visual signals.

Telepathic Training

Another aspect of the method is to become conscious of the organic sensations that accompany the process of image creation, after subjects are able to maintain their images more or less at will (this part of the technique closely resembles the biofeedback and dynamic relaxation techniques described earlier).


It should not be surprising that researchers became interested in alpha waves, as a possible way of teaching people how to relax. Various approaches and devices were tried, including biofeedback machines, techniques based on existing relaxation and meditation methods, drugs, etc. Of course the idea has led to some exploitation, especially in the United States, where all kinds of biofeedback and alpha-wave-generating devices have begun popping up in local pharmacies. But that does not mean the whole alpha wave theory should be thrown out the window. Professor Gastaut may remember how opposed people were to the idea of blood transfusions, when doctors first started performing them back in the 1920's.