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Astral Travel Now is a 14 module audio program by the renowned top hypnotist Dr. Steve G. Jones also known as The Celebrity Hypnotist.This system is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of having and sustaining a conscious Out of Body Experience (OBE) by equipping you with the essential prerequisites needed to achieve a true astral experience. You'll learn how to experience the wonders and pleasures that Astral Projection can offer you. Explore other cities and countries in an instant and even visit other planets and worlds unknown to mankind. The astral projection will give you insights into your true being thereby leading you to your life purpose with astounding joy. Also, develop your own natural skills of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and experience feelings of joy and pleasure 99.9% of humans will never come close to feeling. Furthermore, you can take what you learn while astral projecting and apply it into the real world in order to change your reality to the one you desire. All these and more is what Astral Travel Now offers you. A program that will turn your life around for good! More here...

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Exercise 184 Astral Projection Techniques

The astral body and the physical body are connected together by a 'silver cord.' There also appears to be about a 3 ounce weight loss when the astral body leaves the physical body, according to the Monroe Institute. This indicates the astral body has a molecular mass. Surprising to Westerners is the fact that almost everyone's astral body leaves the physical body during sleep. Many of your dreams and nightmares come from experiences in the astral realm. Some people even experience 'out of the body' episodes when they have surgical operations under anesthesia. Think and practice. With practice, you will suddenly experience a mild buzzing or almost an electric shock as the separation is made, but DON'T be afraid. Then suddenly you will 'see' your body lying with closed eyes some 6 feet beneath you. If you experience fear at this point, you will be 'reeled' back into your physical body immediately. Fear is a discordant vibration in the astral realm, so wait until another day to do the...

How to develop your faculties of sensory exteriorization and astral travelling

There are three theories that attempt to explain the phenomenon of astral travelling 1. Exteriorization of sensory perceptions creating an illusion of astral travelling. 2. Illusory astral travelling - consciousness is somehow projected to a location where the senses perceive it to be. 1. Entering the alpha state. Reports are conclusive a state between waking and sleep is highly conducive to astral travelling. Here's what one astral traveler has to say The yoga technique seems to be similar to the natural mechanism which triggers the phenomenon of astral travelling, since descriptions of spontaneous occurrences begin in more or less the same way. 3. Positive formulations. Some preparation using positive formulations can be very helpful. Astral travelling is more difficult to achieve than clairvoyance, where only one of the senses is exteriorized (while astral travelling, all the senses are exteriorized). You have to exteriorize all your senses in order to be fully aware while astral...

Exercise 185 Astral Projection Adventures

After achieving an astral projection (see Exercise -- Astral Projection Techniques ), what do you do then Since you cannot fall or hurt yourself, do some exploring and drift about the room from ceiling to closet, but stay calm. The first time that you are out of the body CONSCIOUSLY will be a totally new experience, so don't become too startled by it. Perhaps you can visit a close friend or relative. If so, visualize the person in considerable detail. Visualize where he or she lives and precisely how to get there. Since astral travel is new to you, project yourself along the same route that you would normally take to get to their house. By doing this, you'll find that almost instantly you'll be there. Once there, you may even have a conversation with your friend, but since you are not conversing with his physical self, he probably will not remember it later. If he remembers anything, it may only seem like a wispy dream from his subconscious. If his level of awareness is higher, he...

Exercise 182 Mental Projection

During astral projection, the consciousness can travel with the astral body. During mental projection, it feels like an imaging process is taking place. As science progresses, we'll no doubt learn more about these subtle projections but for now we can at least experiment and observe our results. Such mental projections are far easier to do than astral projections. The speed of the mental body is as great as the speed of thought. If there is no direct perception of where you are going, the places become imagination. When there is perceptual knowledge, imagination turns to reality. With practice, they become less imagination and more substantial projection.

Conscious Awareness of Your Dreams

Since many remembered dreams are recollections of astral travel (esp. flying dreams), (review Exercises -- Astral Projection Techniques and Astral Projection Adventures ), learning lucid dreaming can also be important in learning how to consciously remember and participate in astral journeys.

Creativity on Demand

Just lobotomize the place in your mind where you normally think through a problem. You do that when you leave the known and go to some galaxy of thought that has nothing to do with your issue. This intergalactic mind travel disengages your rational mind that predictable, boring thought maker that tosses around the same data over and over again thus leaving you open to many more possibilities.

Auramind Meaning

In Latin the word aura referred to breath. To mystics, aura represents a kind of halo of light, enveloping the body, visible only to those who have been taught how to see it. Others explain that aura is an emanation of the energy field that gives us life, and call it the subtle or astral body.

Trial experiment

During the alpha seminar, we conduct a trial experiment on complete sensory exteriorization. Many participants are unable to achieve full separation of their subtle and physical bodies, while others seem to be natural astral travelers. A number of conclusions have been drawn from these experiments. 1. The reality of the experience. Details observed while astral travelling generally turn out to be accurate. Contrary to what Saint-Denis reported, data collected while persons are separated from their body is not produced by some kind of short circuit in the mind while it is cut off from exterior reality. Take the case of M.T., who paid an astral visit to his wife's parents' house, where his young daughter was being looked after. He saw his daughter trip and fall to the ground, and start crying. When he returned to his normal state of consciousness he insisted that his wife call her parents to find out if their daughter was all right. To her astonishment, his wife was told that her...

Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

Live Your Fantasies Discover How The Master Astral Navigator Perform Astral Projection To Live Their Desired Realities! Finally You Can Fully Equip Yourself With These Must Have Super Tools For Astral Projection Success! In this world full of uncertainty, Wars, economic crisises, killing, rape and robbery, it's difficult for one to lead a calm and peaceful life. Sometimes, the unnervingness of it all can lead to disease and complications which harm our health.

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